It’s time to start packing for camp! Where to begin…

Camp is now only 71 days away and that means the time has come to start thinking about the [dreaded] task of PACKING. There are many aspects of camp that need to be taken into account when beginning the process of packing for camp. One must remember that you need clothes & gear for canoe tripping as well as daily camp activities. On top of that, you need your day-to-day toiletries and things that make camp feel like home.

If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed or have any questions about what to pack, we have packing lists posted on our website that are great to use as guidelines:

Again, it is important to remember that these lists are guidelines and if your child is requesting to bring something to camp not on the list that is totally OK! If you are unsure if it is truly a necessary item, please give Racquel in the office a call at 416 486 6959 and she’ll be able to give you an honest answer. What we suggest to parents is to hear their child out, as that one item could seem unnecessary but could also provide a level of comfort that will ensure your child has an amazing summer at camp. Examples of things that may fall into this category include:

Photo: Waleed Aumeerally

‘City’ clothes – while during the day campers are out and about and often wearing casual shorts and t-shirts, evening programs such as dances, lip syncs or other activities involving dressing up will find campers wanting to wear other clothing. Our recommendation is to create a compromise with your child by allowing them to choose a couple ‘nicer’ clothing items which they must promise to keep in good care :).


$20 – sometimes on canoe trip, your camper will paddle by a store! It doesn’t always happen but when it does, there could be a chance ice cream may be involved. It’s always nice to have a small amount of cash in this case. That being said, a discussion with your camper about the responsibility that comes with bringing cash to camp is always a good idea. We highly recommend that they bring their cash to the camp office to be kept in the safe until they leave on canoe trip. It would then be up to them to retrieve the cash prior to departing on canoe trip.

A shower basket/caddy – this is something that is optional yet at the same time, quite essential! Due to our wonderfully rustic accommodations, shower time is prefaced with a short walk. What better way to get your shampoo, conditioner, body wash etc. to the washrooms than in one easy to carry basket. You can get one of these at the Dollarstore or Walmart.

Photo: Waleed Aumeerally

Instruments – there are ample opportunities for your child to show off their musical talents. We welcome campers to bring small, portable instruments such as guitars, ukuleles, and violins. Play piano? No problem! We have multiple pianos on site so bring your music books!


Ultimately, what may be important to a camper can differ depending on the child. Sit down with your camper and chat about what will make them most comfortable and help in establishing Camp Ahmek or Camp Wapomeo as their home away from home.

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