Life After Camp: A letter from a Lord

Camp Ahmek and Camp Wapomeo are close to the hearts of those who attend, that goes without question. What is also amazing about our camp is that the experiences people have on Canoe Lake also impact the lives of the people within networks of family and friends. We were recently contacted by Robbie D. Sprules, Lord of Wrentall recalling memories of his mother and uncle (both TSC alumni) as well as how their experiences impacted his own life. We kindly thank Lord Sprules for allowing us to share this with the TSC community. 

Dear TSC:

My Mother and Uncle attended Wap and Ahmek from around 1928, although my Mother claims she was there starting in 1927, then back in 1929 for three years again. 

My Uncle was befriended by Taylor Statten, who helped him get a teaching job at Pickering College. We have lots of pictures from Wap in the late 20’s and early thirties. I was one of the co-authors of Summer Camp, and spent a good deal of time at all the Algonquin Camps during our summer and fall research.

We built and own Beaver Lodge (private family home) which abuts the south-western boundary of the Park, and often have canoe trips from the camp come by. My father, Dr. Wm. Sprules, was one of the founders of the Harkness Fish Lab, where I spent some of my summers. My brother, Dr. G. Sprules continues some of his research at the Lab.

My Mother just turned 101 in April, and some of her fondest memories were of her summers at Wap, the canoe trips, visits by a Royal dignitary (she has pictures to prove it) and the ‘Indian’ games. 

I have my Mother’s and my Uncle’s plaques from 1928 & 1929, great treasures in my archive. I have appended a picture for your interest. If you have any ancient files still around from the old days, we would love to see them.

I founded a canoe company in the 1980’s called Muskoka Fine Watercraft, and spent some very happy days discussing canoes at Ahmek. I am now a British lord and find my time is not as free as it used to be. You can reach me via email. My Mother’s maiden name was Pollard. My wife’s Grandfather was one of the early founders of Geneva Park and knew Taylor Statten well (Jake Booth).


Robbie D. Sprules
Lord of Wrentnall


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