Canoe Lake Update

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Summer camp on Canoe Lake is in full swing and we are just so happy to see Ahmek and Wapomeo filled with all the smiling faces of our campers. The place truly comes alive once they arrive. The waterfronts are packed with swimmers, the lake is sprinkled with green and orange canoes, sails are billowing in the wind and laughter is echoing throughout.

Along with a downpour of rain, Canada Day brought us our July, July 15 Day and Full Session campers but it is safe to say that no amount of rain can stop TSC campers and staff from having fun. At dinner, each camp celebrated Canada’s birthday with a decorated dining hall and a Canada Day desert! The rain cleared up by dinnertime and everyone was able to dry out. We are very happy to report that since then, the rain has subsided and sunny skies are in the forecast for at least the next week!

Our Bantam/Kiowa, Pioneer/Tuscie and Moutaineer/Shawnee campers are all settled into their cabins and have been busy, busy, busy at activities all week. They jumped right in the morning after they arrived! Our 50 Day, Kipawa, Barron River, Killarney, J-2 Temagami and Ojib/Voyageur park campers are now settling into the canoe trip lifestyle, having left on their back country adventures this past Monday and Tuesday. We look forward to hearing all their incredible stories when they return.  

Summer 2017 is off to a rockin’ start, that’s for sure! We’ve got a new set of guitars at Wapomeo for the music program and brand new water trampolines at both camps. The tennis courts and basketball court, which were resurfaced last spring, are still in great shape and always in use. The Ahmek & Wapomeo brother-sister camp bond is stronger than ever, with evening programs like capture the flag – Monday night saw a Tuscie vs. Pioneer showdown! Thursdays intercamp planned by the section directors was a major success with a fun and sun filled afternoon followed by a camp wide BBQ and dance.  Friday morning found us saying “see you later!” to our Quetico and Ishpatina trips. We wish them all a safe and happy trip! 

We also want to take this time to thank our INCREDIBLE staff who have worked tirelessly to ensure camp was ready for camper arrival. Our work crew, under the fearless leadership of Esme Cook & David Standfield, completed the larger projects in the spring like the Ahmek canoe dock, the shingling of roofs and the putting the finishing touches on the Wapomeo war canoe. Our program staff, support staff, guides, long trip staff and section directors joined the team on June 18th. Some continued with maintenance, others got their program/support areas ready, SDs scheduled their sections and long trip staff worked on their Wilderness Advanced First Aid. On June 24th, the staff team was complete when our counsellors and CITs landed on Canoe Lake. The next week was filled with soft skill workshops, hard skill workshops and an amazing visit from GetReal! By July 1st, both camps were spotless (micro clean, anyone?) and the staff were READY :). We are so lucky to have such talented, strong, caring and nurturing people on our team and cannot wait to see what they have in store for us this summer. THANK YOU to all of you!

Although we are in full swing here on Canoe Lake, it’s not too late for some last minute campers to come out and join us! Click here for your ticket to an incredible summer with us in Algonquin Park!