Canoe Lake Update

Wow, did the summer ever fly by! We cannot believe that our time on Canoe Lake has come to an end. We want to extend a huge thank you to all our campers, staff and camper parents for making summer 2017 amazing! It was a bit of a rainy summer but did that stop any of you from enjoying every moment…? Nope! Activities and canoe trips went on as planned and those sunny days (which did exist!) were used to their maximum potential . You are all what makes Ahmek and Wapomeo so special – thank you again!

Although we were sad to say goodbye to our summer campers, September was jam packed with off season events. We had a record high enrollment for September Camp, hitting 342 campers overall, which included families who have attended for decades, new families, as well as both a Quetico and Bisco 1997 reunion. Labour Day weekend saw every single cabin used from the Bantam section to Senior section. Thank you to all guests and staff – we look forward to another great September Camp season in 2018.

Following September Camp, Wapomeo was closed up by Lorne and the fall maintenance crew while Ahmek was used for two tech company retreats and a school group. The tech companies used their time at camp to enjoy disconnecting from technology, using the activity facilities to unwind and teambuild. The school group who joined us on Canoe Lake this fall is from Markham, Ontario and had various art workshops set up throughout the camp. The pieces that were created were extremely impressive! We loved having all these groups join us and hope to see everyone back at Ahmek in the future. In between the groups, the maintenance team worked hard on various projects throughout the camps. At Wapomeo, Lorne and the crew repaired the swim dock and closed up cabins. At Ahmek, Dave and the crew worked on roofing cabins such as Swamp Top and repairing trip canoes!

As we near the month of October, the Toronto office has reopened and is working on preparing for summer 2018! From the office team, here are some friendly reminders:

  1. October 17th – Online Tuck Shop re-opens
  2. November 6th – Registration opens!
  3. Mid-November – Staff applications open
  4. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram, Facebook and here on the website! Make sure to tag us in your photos :).

If you have any questions as you begin to think about 2018 registration or staff applications, please contact us in the office at 416 486 6959 or!

Check out the photos below for a glimpse of Canoe Lake in September 🙂

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