how summer camp can help support an active lifestyle

We are so lucky to live in a world with access to parks, organized sports, gyms and more. Even still, sometimes doing exercise is the last thing on our mind and instead we prefer to sit on the couch with a snack while watching our favourite show on Netflix. It is in these moments that we must remember how fortunate we are and how to take full advantage in our quest to maintain an active lifestyle.

Maintaining an exercise schedule can be challenging no matter your age. For kids, one of the best things about spending the summer at camp is that you are engaged in an active lifestyle without having to think twice about it. During the day, whether you’re at an activity in camp or on canoe trip, you are always moving.

Incorporating physical activity into your daily routine is beneficial to your overall health. Kids who are physically fit sleep better, can better handle physical and emotional challenges and focus better in school. How does that work exactly? Well, when you exercise, chemicals called endorphins are released by your body, interact with receptors in your brain and lead to a positive feeling. What you are doing through exercise is building a strong body and a happy mind.

With a strong body and happy mind, you are able to achieve great things. You can do all the activities you enjoy outside, in gym class and while playing with your friends. You can focus better in school and live your every day life with a happy and healthy heart.

At camp, it is easy to maintain an active lifestyle. You attend swimming and canoeing every day, where you work on practical skills necessary on canoe trip. During these activity periods your body is moving constantly, whether it is while practicing front crawl in the pool or perfecting the J-Stroke in the stern of a canoe. Without thinking about it, you are putting your muscles to work. What’s amazing is these are not even close to the only times where this happens – don’t forget about activities like sailing, archery, riding, tennis, field sports, basketball, ball hockey, high ropes, kayaking and paddle boarding.

Going on canoe trip is another fun way to get exercise. The only way to get from point A to point B is by using your own body strength. To travel from one lake to the next, your only method of transportation is powered by YOU! To make your canoe move forward, you need to pull water with your paddle. To transport your gear, you need to carry it. What makes canoe trip fun is that you are doing all these things with your cabin mates. You’re laughing along the way and creating memories that outshine the fact that you are doing exercise.

To maintain an active lifestyle, exercise is key. Exercise, however, does not need to be boring so why not let summer camp bring the FUN!

Registration for summer 2018 opens on November 6th 2017 🙂.