The Importance of Outdoor Play


Outdoor play is among the greatest gifts we can give our children, and healthy adventurous curious children are among the greatest gifts we can give to our community

– Gary Erikson & Kit Crawford: Cliff Bars and Company

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Whether you like cliff bars or not, the essence of the founder’s thoughts on outdoor play is hard to disagree with! At the end of each summer we are filled with memories of the incredible days we have spent together on Canoe Lake. Whether it was a 2 week session with an overnight canoe trip in Algonquin Park, a full session with a 50 day canoe trip paddling and portaging the path less traveled, or a 4 day session trying out in camp activities; the resources for outdoor play is limitless.

If we think to how many times a day we pick up our phones, log into our computers, or watch Netflix after school, it seems impossible to truly disconnect from the ‘plugged in’ world. Thankfully summers with the Taylor Statten Camps give us the ability to take a vacation from our screens and help us truly unplug.

The first few days of the technology free vacation may be hard. Like accidentally reaching to our pockets to grab our phones that aren’t there or, overhearing what just happened in the episode of our favourite show that we haven’t watched yet, without a #spoileralert. But, this soon fades as the memories begin to build and we remember how wonderful, fun and easy life is in the company our best-friends and nature.


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Since summer is fast approaching, we thought we’d reflect upon why a TSC summer is the best location to enjoy a vacation from technology.

 Here are 5 reasons we came up with:

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  • Living in Algonquin Park while breathing in the fresh air, jumping into the waters of Canoe Lake and simply being in the beauty of the Canadian wilderness just makes us happy!
  • The adventure of canoe trip – with each new stroke, portage and campsite we grow into friendships and memories that will last us a lifetime.
  • Allowing our creativity to flow. Whether its arts and crafts, woodworking, music, evening activity or coming up with a winning plan for capture the flag, summer camp gets those creativity wheels turning.
  • The ‘it’ bell is our new ringtone.
  • Days are full of interactions, activities and moments of bliss with your forever friends that make being without technology easier than you thought.


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