In-Camp Activities at the Taylor Statten Camps

Every day on Canoe Lake…

amidst the loon calls, misty mornings and paddle strokes, we are filled with a full schedule of a wide range of traditional summer camp activities.  As we return each summer, we arrive excited to experience them all over again. While some of the activity options are newer to camp, such as the water trampolines on the waterfront, others have been around since the very beginning. There are even a few activities that have come and gone, and come back again! What is really cool is that majority of the activities date back to the very beginning of the Taylor Statten Camps which is now almost 100 years ago.

As you attend these activities summer after summer, have you ever wondered about how it all began? 🙂 

This week we’re going to throw it back and reminiscence on some cool facts about a few of the activities – including one that came and went but, did not come back!

Some of you may not know it had even existed!

*A huge thank you to the team who compiled the incredible Fires of Friendship: Eighty Years of the Taylor Statten Camps (2000). A truly captivating and inspiring read on the history of TSC.*


A strong canoeing program was one of pinnacle components in the early days of TSC. It was and still is an important contribution to life at Ahmek and Wapomeo! Over the years, our canoe tripping program has grown into what it is today. It is the highlight of the summer for many and to participate in the trips has become a “rite of passage” for many campers. That being said, developing basic canoeing skills is important for all campers – no matter the length of canoe trip. All campers attend canoeing lessons every day of their stay on Canoe Lake, working on their levels and honing the necessary skills to correctly paddle a canoe.

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FUN FACT:  Most of the distinctive canoe skill style can be traced back to Bill Stoqua of the Golden Lake First nation in the 1920s!





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Swimming was and still is an essential part of camp life. As Ahmek is located right along the shore, and Wapomeo is located on two islands – swimming skills are a must! Along with canoeing, campers attend swimming lessons daily to ensure their skills are in tip-top shape.


FUN FACT: In the early years on Canoe Lake, Ahmek and Wapomeo had diving towers, chutes and slides.


Horse Back Riding

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Riding is often a favourite amongst TSC campers and understandably so! Riding has been with Ahmek since 1923 and has been with Wapomeo since the very first year of establishment, 1924. Originally, both camps shared stables but expanded in 1937 so that Ahmek and Wapomeo could have their own individual riding facilities. TSC was and still is where some campers first experience horseback riding!

FUN FACT: In the early years at Ahmek some campers brought their own horses or ponies with them – there were even a horse trade!


Boxing?! Yes, once upon some TSC days there was boxing!

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Image from: Fires of Friendship – Eighty Years of The Taylor Statten Camps

Boxing was a favourite for the Ahmek boys.  Campers could often be found practicing in the early mornings and late afternoons with coaches by their sides.

 FUN FACT: At the end of each august – there was a boxing championship!  Although boxing is no longer an activity at TSC, it is fascinating to think of the personnel office as the old boxing ring in the early years of Camp Ahmek!

Don’t worry –  we didn’t forget about all the other amazing TSC activities. Keep up to date with us on our Facebook page for next week’s blog for some more program history and some new updates for summer 2018!

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