Part 2: Fun Facts About the In-Camp Activities at The Taylor Statten Camps

Another day in the life of a TSC camper…

Along with canoe trip, swimming, horseback riding and the good old boxing days that we talked about last week, TSC campers have some other incredible in-camp activities to look forward to each summer.

Thanks to fires of friendship: Eighty years of the Taylor Statten Camps and all who have contributed to the book that allows us to indulge in the incredible stories behind both Ahmek and Wapomeo.


The equipment may be new but archery at TSC sure isn’t. Originally Little Wapomeo was home for the flying arrows however, since the 1930’s the targets can be found at Ahmek! Archery is a favoured activity for many on Canoe Lake and is an activity that is also offered during September camp!

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Photo by: Waleed Aumeerally
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Photo by: Waleed Aumeerally







 Believe it or not, campers used to make their own bows for the archery range!

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Since the early days of TSC, sailing has been a core in-camp activity. In fact, many of our early instructors had ties to Toronto’s Royal Canadian Yacht Club and camp medals had the R.C.Y.C. logo. Pretty cool if we do “sail” so ourselves.


‘Lightening Blue’ was the winner of many races in the early days of TSC.



Play nights are taken seriously at camp. Once upon a time, theatre staff at Ahmek included Arthur Sutherland “suds”- who had a career as a producer on Broadway! Although theatre has transitioned into our drama program, the name change has not affected the popularity of the activity. With incredible drama staff hired each year we all look forward to things like drama games, skits, show nights, and final play.


Our founder, Taylor Statten was a showman at heart!

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Photo by: Waleed Aumeerally
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Photo by: Waleed Aumeerally






Arts and Crafts 

Algonquin Park embodies a realm of inspiration that allows the creative mind to wander! Since the early days on Canoe Lake we have experienced talent such as Tom Thomson and have witnessed campers grow-up into incredible artists.

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canoe lake, algonquin park, wapomeo, ahmek, taylor statten camps, summer camp for kids, craft time, art, paintingJust in September of 2017, TSC hosted an ‘Art Trip’ for a high-school class. The students awed over the incredible landscape, rustic feel and the unlimited space for creativity to flounder. This gives no wonder to why so many incredible artists have been a part of life on Canoe Lake.



 We had a photography instructor at Ahmek in the 1930s!


Music at camp has been present since the beginning. It was a long standing tradition at Wapomeo to compose a song on each canoe trip. This practice died out at Ahmek until after World War II but, has come back, especially for longer trips. Throughout the years and to this day we are graced with the presence of some unbelievable musical talent at the Taylor Statten Camps! We are already looking forward to the next coffee house…

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Photo by: Waleed Aummerally
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Photo by: Waleed Aumeerally







  Taylor Statten  considered music as important as outdoor activities at camp!


Once upon a time there was…

The pirate ship that sailed the water of Canoe Lake! The first pirate ship was designed by Woodruff and Aykroyd and was launched in 1925. Although it wasn’t prepared to sail the ocean waters, it was a memory campers would never forget.The pirate ships were used for overnights by the younger campers and sometimes for staff parties.


Eventually, this first pirate ship was re-placed with a second… and then a third! YUP, TSC has had three pirate ships – incredible what 100 years of history includes.

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Although we no longer have any pirate ships to dance on, this brings us to our exciting activity announcement…

Summer 2018 welcomes


as a Wapomeo activity!

 Get ready to move and groove to the music, play some dance games and let your creativity shine!

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