Summer is almost here!

With summer approaching, we are imagining everyone is reminiscing about canoe trip, summer days on Canoe Lake and memories of the moments spent with your camp friends. If this is your first time to experience a summer with the Taylor Statten Camps on Canoe Lake, get ready for adventure, new friends, new experiences in a safe, fun and comfortable environment.

“ The Taylor Statten Camps are three things:

First of all, they are a place – Canoe Lake. The physical plant does not change. There may be a new building here or there, but the landmarks remain the same: the Dining Halls, the beach at Ahmek, Ghost Walk Creek, Wigwam Bay, Wap’s main docks, Senior Island, Chubby Island, and Little Wap. These all combine to create a summer place to be.

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Secondly, the camps are a time. Past, present, or future – no one era is any better than another, only different. Staff and campers will always adapt to the times and modify or change the programs and activities as appropriate.

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Thirdly, and most importantly camp is people. It is there that the lifelong friendships are formed and it is those ties that remain strongest throughout the rest of one’s life.

We are fortunate to be able to share memories of camp over the years, to be able to travel back to a special time and place: the home of our dreams and an island somewhere.”

Fires of Friendships : Eighty Years of the Taylor Statten Camps 

Quote by Don Burry

We have to agree, the Taylor Statten Camps on Canoe Lake is the home of our dreams.

In honour of the #TSCCountdown2018 and with June 30th fast approaching, we’ve come up with 10 things we are looking forward to upon our return to Camp Ahmek and Camp Wapomeo.

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Canoe Lake: the very fact that we get to wake up in Algonquin Park each morning. We are always daydreaming of the magical atmosphere of Ahmek and Wapomeo.

Camp friends: from the moment we left camp, we’ve been counting down the days until we get to reunite the people we love the most. Only 84 more days to go!!

TSC Traditions: the feeling of getting that fire going, water boiling, or completing a canoe race. The TSC traditions that keep our motivation high also has us counting down the days until summer camp.

50 day canoe trip, tsc canoe trip, summer canoe trip, canoe trip for girls, canoe trip for boys, ahmek, wapomeoCanoe Trip: the thought of getting to experience more of Algonquin or checking out regions that may be new to us, like Temagami, Killarney, Quetico, Biscotasing, Lady Evelyn, has us itching to get those hiking boots on.

The brother and sister camp bond: we’re not quite sure if there is anything quite similar to the bond between Ahmek and Wapomeo but we do know how lucky we are to have it. Although the two camps situated across the lake from each other, on separate sites, campers & staff consider TSC to be one big family. 


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 TSC In-camp activities: it’s hard to not skip down memory lane thinking about a day in the TSC camp life while looking forward to all the fun days filled with our favourite activities.

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The dining hall: we can’t wait to sit down family style with our cabin mates and gorge on seemingly limitless amounts of delicious camp food.

Adventure: it’s hard to not count down when you’re anticipating a summer filled with adventure, new experiences, new friends, new people and building on new skills.

Meeting your counsellor and CIT: as the summer approaches you are most likely wondering who your awesome staff will be. We know they can’t wait to meet you!

Last but definitely not least – unplugging: taking time away from the technology and the busy world we live in is definitely something helping us countdown to another summer on Canoe Lake.


Yup, just 2 Bisco trips until another magical summer on Canoe Lake!


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