September Camp 2018

A Taylor Statten Camps summer is not complete without a September Camp session.

 This past Monday, the application for September Camp for 2018 went live and we are so happy to see multiple families already registered!

September Camp offers Ahmek and Wapomeo alumni the opportunity to relive their summer camp experience and reunite with family and friends on the sunny shores of Canoe Lake. It is also the perfect opportunity for new families to be introduced to the Taylor Statten Camps.Taylor statten camps, tsc, summer camp for kids, summer on canoe lake, summer in ontario, camp for kids, camp for girls, camp for boys, camp ahmek

Did you know…

Since 1938, September Camp has been held on the Camp Ahmek site. This wasn’t the beginning of the fun and games though. September camp actually originated on Wapomeo Island. The 1928 camp brochure announced that the ‘adult camp’ was the perfect atmosphere for fun! Although this adult camp has transitioned into the family camp we know and love, it has maintained this atmosphere for decades. Some current September Campers have been attending for over 30+ years, consecutively! Over the years it has also developed into an effective way to introduce your child to camp, for new families to discover TSC and for alumni to reunite with TSC families and friends.

What is September Camp?

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Photo by: Peter Dougan

September camp was created with the goal of providing Ahmek and Wapomeo alumni, friends and families or visitors the opportunity to relive or experience the summer camp dream. Lead by our amazing September Camp Director, Dave Jefferies, this ideology still applies today. A day in September Camp includes program activities that are offered throughout the summer, TSC traditions, great food and a relaxed atmosphere. Guests are welcome to be as active in activities as they wish. Supervision of young children is provided through the “kids program”– this program runs for two hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon.  Activities do not stop once the sun goes down though! Each evening has a different evening activity scheduled including the famous Bantam Beach BBQ, Casino Night, Coffee House and more.

Delicious meals are provided for breakfast, lunch and dinner with evening snacks to follow that are sure to hit the spot. Meals are structured to bring families and friends together while also providing the opportunity for campers to speak with current TSC staff.  Meal time conversations can range from what it was like in the ‘old days’ to shared stories from the current summer.

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Photo by: Sebastian Simard

All this happens on the sunny shores of Canoe Lake. Sounds pretty perfect, right?


Introducing your child to camp

Photo by: Sebastian Simard

September camp is the perfect opportunity to familiarize your child to the Taylor Statten Camps. Many campers who have spent summers on Canoe Lake were introduced to TSC through September Camp. This provides the opportunity for children to become comfortable with the  back to basics accommodations and get comfortable with the camp routine while in the relaxed, fun and lively atmosphere of this family camp experience. Knowing what to expect in terms of activities, routine and food as well as what the camp itself looks like brings a sense of comfort to a camper attending the summer session for the first time.

Reuniting with cabin mates, camp friends, co-staff, previous campers… the list can go on…

Experiencing TSC traditions, activities and stepping foot in the dining hall again is sure to bring back some good feelings, memories and bring about many good laughs.

Haven’t attended the Taylor Statten Camps? No worries, this is the perfect chance!

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September camp is the perfect opportunity for new families to discover the magic of the Taylor Statten Camps. This Family Camp style is an introduction to the summer camp atmosphere where you can learn about the history of the camp, the traditions and the activities from current and past staff, as well as current and past campers! Who better to learn from than those who have experienced it first hand?

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Exploring the camp grounds during September Camp also enables new families to feel more comfortable when summers with TSC begin! Seeing where your child will be swimming, eating, sleeping and participating in camp activities brings a sense of comfort to parents that are new to summer camp.

“September Camp has offered us a special opportunity. It allowed us to introduce our kids to our favourite summer home before it became theirs. Allowing them to feel comfortable, safe and adventurous in the September Camp rhythm really made the transition into summer camp easier for them and for us as a family. Although my kids spend summers on Canoe Lake without us now, we still attend September Camp together as a family, enjoying our favourite home away from home.”

– Parent of Ahmek and Wapomeo campers

To register for September Camp 2018, click here.

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