Here is to Camp Friendships

With only 72 days till camp…

Here is to camp friendships!





     There is something special about the TSC community and the friendships that are created here. Camp friendships are different than friendships formed elsewhere. When asking around we were unable to truly put a finger on one reason as to how camp friendships are so special. Which is the key to why camp friendships are so extraordinary! When thinking about camp friendships you don’t think about the one reason that has made those friendships so strong. It comes down to everything that has formed them that truly make them so unique.

So in light of how much we appreciate camp friendships, we have decided to make a list of 10 reasons why camp friends are our forever friends.

1) There is no one else we would ather be in a canoe with!

2) They know us inside out. At camp we let our truest self shine and our camp friends wouldn’t want it any other way.

3) You grew up together! You have paddled kilometers together, portaged kilometers together all while transforming into the people you are today!

4) They will always be there for you and you will always be there for them! They are the first people you reach out to when you find out good news or bad.

5) After all the summers spent together, being your truest selves together, it is difficult to feel any sense of discomfort with them.

6) They have seen you at your best and at your worst and they love you more for it.

Photo by: Waleed Aumeerally

7) The inside jokes are endless.

8) The common love for camp. While you adore chatting with your school friends, there is something to be said about spending time reminiscing on camp experiences with those that can truly relate.

9) The common love for canoe trip. City friends think you are crazy for dreaming about 50 days in the Canadian wilderness, but camp friends get it and want in too.

10) Last but definitely not least, all the memories you’ve created with them. Over paddle strokes, muddy portages, camp meals and camp activities, the memories you have created with your camp friends will last a lifetime.

“Let us be proud of our friendships, loyal to our friends and thankful that camp has given us the opportunity of meeting them”. – The Canoe Lake Camp Echoes IV, 1(February 1931).

Just 72 days till we are back on the sunny shores of Canoe Lake enjoying the summer with our friends and the Taylor Statten Camps Community.