Summer Camp Packing Tips

Hey TSC, it’s packing time!

Here we are, quickly approaching the best time of the year! With only 58 days till camp there is no doubt you are in the stages of packing. For new families, packing for the first summer at camp may be overwhelming. For returning families, a few helpful tips are a great refresher to help put those packing wheels in motion!

TIP #1 : Check out the TSC packing lists.

Packing List for Try-Out Campers

Packing List for Two-Week Campers

Packing List for One-Month & Two Month Campers

Packing List for Long Canoe Trips

The comfort of your camper can make or break their summer camp experience. Making sure they are comfortable can be affordable! There are many wallet friendly options for camp essentials. Doing some research before purchasing can be a great way to make sure your camper will be set for camp without breaking the bank!

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TIP #2: When picking out a rain suit be sure both the jacket and pants are waterproof, this will guarantee that the rain suit is also windproof! Avoid water-resistant rainwear. 

TIP #3: Good socks go a long way! Make sure to pack athletic socks for daily use as well as pairs fit for canoe trip. For trip, we highly recommend brands such as SmartWool – they have breathable socks that are made of a blend of wool, nylon and elastic.

Taylor Statten Camps, TSC, Canoe Lake, Algonquin Park, Summer Camps in Ontario, Camp Ahmek, Camp Wapomeo, Summer Camp packingTIP #4: Although a compact blow up mattress such as a Therm-A-Rest is not a mandatory item, it does come recommended for canoe trip. It provides an extra level of comfort for those nights spent in a tent!

TIP #5: Your camper will need both bedding and a sleeping bag. The sleeping bag will be used for canoe trip and we can promise that your camper will not want to use it once completing their trip. Try to ensure that the sleeping bag is lightweight, warm and easy to pack down into a 20L personal dry bag.

TIP #6: Crocs are a popular go to footwear choice for camp, especially on canoe trip. They are the safer option for the feet compared to sandals or flip flops and can get wet, making evenings on the campsite simple.

TIP #7: Shower baskets! This is optional yet we find that it keeps all those shower items together much easier. With our much loved rustic accommodations, shower time includes a little walk. Having a shower caddy makes getting items to and from the showers much easier! These can be found at dollar stores or Walmart.

TIP #8: As much as we try to keep belongings with their rightful owner, there is always the probability of lost or damaged items! Avoid bringing anything expensive or super valuable.

Super Helpful Tips

To make it easier to get those items back to their right owner if they do go astray, invest in clothing labels!

Mabel’s Labels is our go-to company when it comes to anything label related. Their products are guaranteed to stay put through the laundry. Check out their website for more information!

For easy camp cubby organization, quick unpacking on arrival day, repacking to head home, or just finding that t-shirt you love without throwing clothes all over the cabin, Cubby Cubes has it figured out! For summer 2018 they are offering TSC families 10% off! Check the link for more information Cubby Cubes!

Taylor Statten Camps, TSC, Canoe Lake, Algonquin Park, Summer Camps in Ontario, Camp Ahmek, Camp Wapomeo, Cubby Cubes

Taylor Statten Camps, TSC, Canoe Lake, Algonquin Park, Summer Camps in Ontario, Camp Ahmek, Camp Wapomeo, Mabel's Labels



Other things to keep in mind…

Finding the right place for the right outdoor equipment can be tough. Here are a few of our favourite stops before camp. If these locations are not easily accessible to you, they do have great online shopping options as well.

Canada – MEC, SAIL, Atmosphere

U.S – REI, The Outdoor Store, L.L Bean

UK – Go Outdoors, Blacks, Great Outdoors

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Photo by: Waleed Aumeerally

Evening Program Clothing

During the evening programs clothing choices are different than the daily casual shorts, t-shirts, or trip outfits. Evening activities such as dances, lip syncs or other fun programs involve dressing up and we find campers want to wear ‘nicer’ clothing. By choosing a few clothing items that parents and campers can compromise on bringing will make everyone happy! Agreeing that ‘nicer’ clothing needs to be kept in good care is a great strategy to make sure that nice clothing is kept that way.


Taylor Statten Camps, TSC, Canoe Lake, Algonquin Park, Summer Camps in Ontario, Camp Ahmek, Camp Wapomeo
Photo by: Waleed Aumeerally


The musical talent at Wapomeo and Ahmek is extraordinary and each summer we find campers and staff showing off their musical abilities! We welcome small portable instruments such as: guitars, ukuleles, and violins. We are also lucky enough to have some pianos at camp, so bring your music books!


Ice creamIt’s always nice to have some small cash in-case of an ice-cream stop on canoe trip; if the opportunity presents itself. We recommend that bringing the cash to the camp office to be kept for safe keeping before going on canoe trip is the best option! There is no need to bring more than $20. It is a good idea to have a quick discussion with your camper about the responsibility that comes with bringing money to camp!

One of the great things about camp is that each camper is unique! In turn, there is no perfect packing list that is applicable to everyone. Sit down with your camper and chat about what they think will make them the most comfortable when at camp!

We can’t wait to see you on the sunny shores of Canoe Lake!