A ‘Don’t Forget’ List for Summer Camp

Summer camp is almost here and those camp bags are ready to be filled with summer camp attire. With pre-camp excitement dancing around your head, it is easy for things to be forgotten. So in the spirit of packing and those forgotten items, this week’s blog is dedicated to things commonly forgotten when packing for summer camp.

1) Ontario summers can get hot. Staying safe in the sun is important.

Don’t forget items that will keep you sun smart, safe and comfortable:

  • A hat with a brim
  • Sunscreen SPF 15+
  • Although after sun lotion or moisturizer is not mandatory, we highly recommend it.


Summer Camp hats
Photo by: Jamie Sharp
Hats for summer
Photo by: Jamie Sharp






2) Algonquin Park is home to buzzing friends that enjoy bugging us during the summer months.

Don’t forget things to help you stay comfortable when the bugs come to hang-out:

  • Bug spray
  • After-bite


3) Water is fun but, wet things that you want to be dry are not. Keeping dry items dry is important, especially when heading out on canoe trip.

Don’t forget to bring things to help keep items dry:

  • Bring two waterproof dry sacs 20L ; these are truly essential to a dry and comfortable canoe trip.

4) Summer camp is awesome for many reasons but a big one is that it is the optimal atmosphere to unplug from our everyday lives at home, technology and enjoy the back to basics lifestyle TSC offers. Sending letters home to family and friends while at camp is a great way to stay connected.

Don’t forget to pack postage essentials:

  • Days are full and campers are busy but when the time opens up campers like to write a quick note home. Although not required, having pre-addressed and pre-stamped envelopes makes this much easier for a camper. It also helps avoid the possibility of the letter getting lost or sent to the wrong address.

5) With days full of excitement, activities and new adventures it is important for campers to slow down for a bit during the day to recharge for the afternoon.

Don’t forget things that help to take full advantage of down-time:

Summer Camp games
Photo by: Waleed Aumeerally
  • Books
  • Puzzles and/ or games. Bringing inclusive activities for the cabin is always fun!
  • Pens, pencils, and other stationary items.
  • Remember, summer camp is an unplugged environment and we strongly discourage the use of electronics.

6) Overnight summer camp is awesome because it includes day time activities and night time activities. Whether you are on Canoe Lake or a camp ground while on canoe trip, being able to see where you are going is essential! 

Don’t forget to pack those items that help you take on the summer nights with ease: 

Flashlight for summer camp

  • Headlamps are a go to for campers and staff!
  • Avoid bringing items that require an outlet to charge. Stick with battery operated devices as you can be sure your flashlight, headlamp or etcetera will be ready when needed.


Summer camp for girlswapomeo






Getting ahead of packing is the best way to be prepared for summer camp. 

Last minute packing usually results in forgotten items. So start packing those bags because summer camp is just 51 days away!

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