Children Are Great Role Models

When we think of role models, we picture people we admire and individuals we look up to. Summer camp is full of inspiring and resilient people with so many extraordinary qualities. There is no wonder as to if you will find a role model each summer; rather to how many you will find! Wapomeo and Ahmek directors along with their summer camp staff are people we get to look up to each year on Canoe Lake.

But, looking up isn’t the only way to find role models, sometimes the best place to find inspiring individuals is to look down. Today we are going to dedicate a blog post to those role models we look down to (literally). 

Here is to children, some of the best role models around!

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Most experiences are new to children and they tend to approach these experiences with a beginners mindset! This beginners mindset allows you to be in the moment, experiencing everything through the five senses. This natural ability to be fully present in the here-and-now is something that we lose as we age. As teenagers and adults we can be taught a lot about being in the present from children. In our technology driven age it is essential to be mindful.

They understand the value of play;

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As children our commitments and responsibilities are minimal. But they are definitely still there! Children value play at the same level as adults value work. As teenagers the stresses start adding up and this continues on into adulthood. It is important to escape and enjoy the simplest things in life. Getting older doesn’t mean the role of play isn’t important. Engaging in fun, playful activities is the perfect way to relieve stress, improve brain function, help friendships, build relationships and boost creativity. Children are role models in showing us the importance of play and that we must make it a priority in life!

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They are their most authentic self;

It’s easy in today’s society to be wrapped up in what everyone else deems as the right way to act, speak, dress or etcetera. More and more, we are becoming aware of the importance of being one’s self in order to be happy. We can all take a little advice from children as they are the best at being their authentic selves. Allow the children around you to be your role model and remind you that it’s good to be you.


They are unfiltered;camp friends, ahmek, friendships

Children say exactly what they are thinking. They don’t second-guess or argue with themselves about what they should say in order to make everyone else happy. This kind of honesty is something we can learn from! It is important to stand up for what you believe in and be proud of it. Children remind us to not second-guess ourselves and speak up for what we believe in!

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They reach out for help when they need it;

Our 2018 world is definitely one that looks up to people for being independent. Being independent is important but it is also important to be able to look for help when you need it. Children reach out to those around them when they need help and they are not afraid to do so. Reaching out for help when we need it is something we can learn from the children around us.


When we are open to the idea, children can teach us many things! 

They can be our greatest role models, only if we let them. 

Here’s to another summer on Canoe Lake.