Preparing New Campers

The season is officially upon us.

It is time to start preparing for summer camp. Woohoo!

Preparing for summer camp, especially for first time campers involves more than just packing! Being excited for the experience is a great way to mentally prepare your first time camper for a successful, fun and memorable summer. The first time you send your child to an overnight summer camp can be overwhelming. Below are some tips to prepare your camper (and you) for the summer of a lifetime!

Try sleepovers!

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Photo by: Waleed Aumeerally

Getting comfortable with sleeping in places other than home is perfect practice for when the big day comes. Whether if this sleepover is at a friend’s house, a family member’s house or a close family friend’s house – any new experience away from the comfort of their own home is great groundwork to getting them ready for sleeping at camp.

Allow them to be involved in the whole experience;

Let your new camper be totally involved. Allow them to pick out the items they will need while at camp, packing their bags with their lucky t-shirt or checking off the packing checklist at the store! The more they are involved in the process the more they will be excited for the expedition. Believe it or not, having a sleeping bag that is your child’s favourite colour and the one they picked out makes them more excited to use it!

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Photo by: Waleed Aumeerally

Have them to check out videos, camp pictures and the camp website.

Showing up to a new place with no idea of what to expect is nerve-racking. Realistically even adults who travel to new destinations get nervous. Having your new camper become familiar with what camp is going to look like is something that will definitely make the experience smoother for all.  Have your child check out social media pictures, videos and etcetra as this will enable them to get an authentic feel for what is to come.

Check out the TSC Facebook Page or TSC Instagram Page for some photos, videos and information about camp!

Go through the camp’s website questions for campers (and for parents – to calm those nerves as well);

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This isn’t the first time the summer camp staff have experienced new campers; luckily this makes them prepared and pretty good at talking down those fears! Most likely questions your camper has about what to expect has been asked by new campers before as well.

Don’t miss out on common camper questions and parent questions we have had in the past.

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Be confident, kids can be sensitive!

Children are great at reading people. If your child senses you are nervous in sending them to camp, they are most definitely going to be nervous as well. If they sense you are excited, there is no doubt they will feel the same.


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The more you talk about it, the better. Avoiding the topic of summer camp will make the drop –off difficult. You will notice, the more you talk about the summer, the better! Whether the talk includes things to be excited about, things that they might be afraid about or how many fish are in the lake, all talk is good talk!

Stressing about the first summer is normal but not required! These are going to be some of the best years of your child’s life. A traditional overnight summer camp has unlimited benefits to a child’s individual, social and educational growth! Preparing for the adventure makes the experience fun, memorable and great for everyone!

It’s time to get excited! Summer is just 36 Days away!

We can’t wait to see those smiling faces on Canoe Lake!