Things are starting to pick up as we approach another camp season. We don’t want you to miss a moment of it so, here’s a little update on Canoe Lake.

Summer 2018 is just 12 days away and it couldn’t feel more like it here on the sunny shores. Staff swim tests and canoe dump tests are taking place, program staff are preparing for the activities ahead, the directors are getting things in order and the final stretch of summer camp preparation is underway!

Work Crew, 2018, Preparing for Summer Camp, Camp Wapomeo, Camp Ahmek,
Photo by: Esme Cook

Work Crew 2018

We would like to give a big shout out to the Taylor Statten Camp’s Work Crew and Maintenance team.  With their hard work and good spirits, Camp Ahmek and Camp Wapomeo are almost ready for the good times to begin.

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Work Crew includes counsellors, guides, section directors and senior staff who arrive during the spring to get the TSC grounds up and ready for the summer to come. The group has worked with Dave Standfield and the rest of the TSC maintenance crew. This year’s work crew was led by Esme Cook, a Camp Wapomeo staff member who will be taking out a 50 day canoe trip this summer. A big thanks to Dave, the maintenance staff, Esme and all of Work Crew! Camp Ahmek and Camp Wapomeo are looking wonderful and each summer wouldn’t be possible without it!

As you come back to your summer home you may find a thing or two has changed! Looking for the wannigan cabin? It’s got a new location. Both Ahmek and Wapomeo war canoes are looking brand new with a fresh coat of varnish! Cabin roofs have been shingled, canoes have been painted, docks have been created and things are as clean as ever! 

Ontario Camps for Girls, Summer camp on Canoe Lake, TSC, Camp WapomeoAs Work Crew came to a close on Friday, the next step in preparing for summer 2018 begins. With the directors of Camp Wapomeo and Camp Ahmek arriving this past weekend, the wheels are in motion.  The senior staff also joined us this weekend for the beginning of pre-pre! As more staff begin to arrive in the days to come, camp comes alive and the summer camp spirit is just missing its final part – TSC campers!

On that note… Here’s a few of the great things that we can look forward to at camp this summer!Girls Portaging, Summer camp for Girls, Summer Camp Canoe Trip, Portage

  • Canoe Trips – We have a record number of canoe trips heading out this summer! TSC couldn’t be more excited for all the adventures, friendships, memories and laughter that will take place this summer.

    Stilson, Camp Ahmek, Summer Camp for Boys
    Photo by: Waleed Aummeerally


  • The Stilson & Boule– always a competitive one but a favourite!
  • Intercamp – Getting Camp Ahmek and Wapomeo together every week is what keeps that brother and sister bond so close!
  • Ahmek A – The event signifying the end of the month of July and August sessions at Camp Ahmek.Taylor Statten Camps, TSC, Ahmek, Camp for boys
  • Candle Lighting – The event signifying the end of the July and August sessions at Camp Wapomeo.
  • Big Event – This takes place the first Thursday of August!
  • Long Trips Return – It’s always exciting to greet the TSC long trips when they arrive back to camp! Seeing the friendships, bonds and memories that were created while on canoe trip is unique and a highlight to each summer.Canoe Trip, Canoe tripping for Girls, Tripping for Girls, Summer Camp for Girls, Adventure for Girls, Canoe Camp for Girls, Wapomeo
  • Final Dance – Dance your end of camp blues away with the August final dance.Drama at Camp, Taylor Statten Camps Drama, Final Play, Kids Camp, Boys Camp, Camp Ahmek





  • Final Play – Always a memorable and fun event that takes place at the end of August.Summer Camp for Girls, Summer Camp with Horses, Horse Camp, Taylor Statten Camps, Camp Wapomeo
  • TSC Program Activities-  Everyday there is fun to be found on the shores of Canoe Lake! The fun is endless and each new day is filled with different activities.



With new activities, new and returning campers, camp friendships and all the memories to come, summer 2018 is going to be one for the books!

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Canoe Lake, Orange and Teal Canoes, The Taylor Statten Camps, Wapomeo canoe, ahmek canoe, canoe shopHere’s to another summer on Canoe Lake filled with orange and green canoes, echoing laughter and memories to last us a lifetime!

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