Camp Starts Tomorrow

We can’t wait!

Camp is tomorrow! With just 1 day until another incredible summer at Camp Ahmek and Camp Wapomeo, this week’s blog is dedicated to what to expect in your first week at camp. Whether you are arriving for the first session of July or the last session of August there is always something fun happening on the shores of Canoe Lake.

As a camper coming to camp is exciting but can also be nerve racking, especially if it’s your first summer. Getting excited about camp is the best way to kick off a great summer adventure!

What to expect when at Camp:

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On arrival to camp, you are welcomed by your counsellor and get to meet the rest of your cabin! Unpacking and settling into your summer home is next on the list. After checking in with the camp nurses and settling into your first day at camp, an evening activity kicks off the start of camp.


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The swim test and dump test is what to expect the next day at camp, making sure everyone is ready to enjoy the Canoe Lake water.

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Things go into camp mode pretty quickly. With 5 to 6 activities a day, there is always something to look forward to. With mornings, afternoons and evenings full of programmed activities, a rest hour mid-day helps keep those energy levels high.


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Every Thursday Camp Ahmek and Camp Wapomeo come together for inter camp fun. Inter camp is full  of team oriented activities.  The brother sister bond between the camps is strong and inter camp is enjoyed by all.


Summer Camp Food, Summer at Algonquin Park, TSC, Ahmek

Breakfast, lunch and dinner made by the TSC Chefs are enjoyed by campers and staff in the dining hall. With a song to kick off the meal and interesting announcements to finish it off, the dining halls are resonating with camp spirit. Food has never been so fun!


Wapomeo, Ahmek, Summer Camp, TSC


The orange and green war canoes can be found filled with staff and campers and travel across the water throughout the summer.


Summer Camp, TSC, Ahmek, Taylor Statten Camps

Camp Friendships are one of a kind and Canoe Lake is home to many of those. With the canoe tripping program and the bonds that are created while travelling lake to  lake, TSC friendships are truly admirable.


Canoe Trip, TSC, Wapomeo, AhmekA canoe trip! TSC canoe trips vary in length from an overnight canoe trip up to a 12 day canoe trip. For special trips the lengths vary from 22 days, 36 days, 42 days or 50 days.


Tuck Shop, TSC, Wapomeo, Ahmek

Every summer TSC is filled with new tuck shop items. With sweaters, t-shirts, tank-tops, sweat pants, paddles, hats and more, this is the best time of year to get your TSC tuck.


The sunny shores are ready for you. We can’t wait to see you tomorrow!

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