July 2018 on Canoe Lake

A bitter sweet goodbye and a warm hello!

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15 days has just flown by here on the sunny shores of Canoe Lake! 

These 15 days were full of activities, amazing adventures and great times spent with new friends and old. We said good-bye to our long trips and special trips at the beginning of July as they set out on their journeys. Ahmek and Wapomeo went into full swing as activities began and the sunny days had campers enjoying the waterfront!

Our Temagami canoe trips have re-turned safe and sound! Any trips that had routes planned through or near the Temagami region have been re-routed and are happily on their way to some other great tripping areas.

We were sad to say good-bye to our 15-day campers and our Try-Out campers but we know they have left with great memories, new friendships and will be counting down the days till their next summer on Canoe Lake.

With such a great 15-day session down in the books, we know much more fun awaits. The July full month campers said good-bye to the 15-day campers today and they continued on with activities, preparing for canoe trips and enjoying the great weather.

The countdown is almost over for our July 12 day campers and the second round of try-out campers! We can’t wait to see you tomorrow.

Let the good times roll and the activities and adventures continue!

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