Camp Life Is The Best Life

TSC is moving into the final week of the July sessions! These first few weeks have been fantastic and with each day adding to the list, we can’t wait to see what the rest of the summer will have in store.

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Camp life is the best life and July has us enjoying every minute of it. With some pretty perfect summer weather the sunny shores are active. While staying hydrated and sun-safe, campers were able to take advantage of all the in-camp activities.

With all the warm weather, the waterfront is a campers paradise as they enjoy water activities to help stay cool.  Canoeing, kayaking, sailing, stand-up paddle boarding and of course the water-trampoline have been a few of the favourite spots during the weeks of July.

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Along with the water activities, other in-camp activities are thoroughly being enjoyed this summer. This summer TSC introduced Wood-Working and the Dance program at Camp Wapomeo. A merge of the Dance program and the Drama program this month brought forth an “America Doesn’t Have Talent” show that the Tuscie campers prepared. The music, laughter and applause could be heard echoing outside of the lodge!

Ahmek, Taylor Statten Camps, Canoe Races, Stilson, Summer Camp for BoysCamp Ahmek had some competition as the bantams, pioneers and mountaineers had the first Junior Stilson races of the summer! The competition was a good one but the sportsmanship shown between all campers was better. The team-work and attitude among everyone was outstanding. Wait to go campers!


Friday and Saturday included the Ropper Dayment, the famous TSC sailing race! With the wind on our side, sails could be found drifting across the Canoe Lake water– truly a day to set the sails for a race. The competition was a close one!

Summer Camp for Boys, Ahmek, Taylor Statten Camps, TSC

Thursday marked our first intercamp of the 12-day session.  Congratulations to the yellow team for taking home the 1st place position this week. The prize was being the first in the line for “Make Your Own Sundaes”. This intercamp definitely was enjoyed right till the end.

This week also brings us halfway through our 12-day session and smiles are still big as the excitement continues. Currently, 12-day session canoe trips are on route. With packs full and canoes on the water, we are sure they will return with some great stories.

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The Kipawa canoe trips are coming into their last few days of their journey! As they arrive back on Tuesday we can’t wait to hear all about the adventures.

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