Canoe Lake August Update

The August sessions are here!

Today marks the 6th day of the 15-day and full-month sessions at The Taylor Statten Camps. The month of August holds so many great moments, events and activities! Although this session is already off to a rockin’ start, with beautiful weather, incredible canoe trips and super fun activities, we still have so much to look forward to:


Today, for example, is the BIG EVENT!camp excitement, summer camp in canada, girls camp, wapomeo

The big event happens the first Thursday of the August session and involves both Wapomeo and Ahmek campers from the Bantam/Kiowa, Pioneer/Tuscie and Shawnee/Mountaineer sections. Our brilliant Program and Spport Staff, lead by our fearless Program Directors Hannah and Lex, have been working to plan this event all summer long. After lunch, Wapomeo campers will paddle and boat over to Ahmek and split up into their teams to participate in various games and activities based on the theme: Music Festival! This will be the first annual Campchella event and we really think it’ll be one for the books. SPOILER ALERT: The sunny shores will be in full music festival mode with a photo booth, some live music, a snow cone machine, a bouncy castle and MORE! Stay tuned for videos and photos on our Instagram page later today!


We are also looking forward to more canoe trips!

ahmek, taylor statten camps, canoe camp, canoe trippingTime spent at TSC is always packed full of canoe tripping adventures. The length of canoe depends on which section they are in this summer. Bantam and Kiowa campers will head out for one night, Pioneer and Tuscie campers will head out for 3-5 days, Mountaineer and Shawnee campers will head out for 4-7 days while Voyageurs, Ojibs and Seniors head out for 9-12 days. In addition to these incredible trips in Algonquin Park, we also have trips going out to Killarney, Kipawa and Barron River ranging from 11-22 days.

Currently, our long trips, Voyageurs, Ojibs and Seniors are out on trip. They will begin to return on Wednesday August 8th starting with our Ojib and Voyageur park trips. Next we will welcome back our Killarney, Barron River and Senior parks as well as Quetico. It truly is non-stop here on Canoe Lake!

…and more campers!

woodworking, summer camp, tsc, wapomeo

On August 8th, our first session of August Try Out campers (affectionally referred to as TOCOs) will arrive for their first summer camp experience! We cannot wait for them to see what Wapomeo and Ahmek have to offer and for them to immerse themselves into the summer camp life.

ahmek, summer camp for boys, canoe lake summer camp, algonquin park camp


While we will have to sadly say goodbye to our 15 Day campers on August 11th, we will also get to welcome our 12 Day campers and second session of TOCOs on August 12th! Midmonth is truly bittersweet for us as we wish all our campers could stay with us the entire summer.


Can’t forget about all the other fun events!

wapomeo, taylor statten camps, summer camp for girls, canoe camp

In addition to regular scheduled activities, the end of August also includes Final Play, the Stilson, the Boule, and the Roper Dayment sailing race. Something for everyone!


Final play is directed by our Drama instructors, Tessa and Erin and performed by Quetico campers, Ojib campers and Senior campers. Sets and props are also made for the play are made at arts and crafts. This year’s Final Play is Mama Mia! We can’t wait .


It’s never a dull moment here on the sunny shores of Canoe Lake. Follow us on Instagram and Like us on Facebook to stay up to date with TSC! 

Interested in our 12 day August session? It’s not too late to register! Sign-up here.