This Week at Camp

It’s a big week for Camp Ahmek and Camp Wapomeo!

This week is full of canoe trip fun!

 Today the Ojib and Voyageur cabins returned from their 9-day canoe trips.

This morning the first group of August Try-Out campers joined us. The campers have jumped right into camp life by setting up their cabins, eating a yummy camp lunch and then participating in camp activities.

Tomorrow, the Killarney, Pioneer and Tusice 15-day cabins will return.

Friday we welcome back our Quetico, Barron River, Senior Park, Mountaineer(15-day) & Shawnee(15-day) trips!

Although we are coming to the end of the 15 day session, the fun isn’t over just yet. The rest of the week is full of exciting events and tons of activities.

Thursday is Intercamp! Woo! As always, the day is filled with fun activities, team spirit and some friendly competition. As teams are mixed up of both Wapomeo and Ahmek campers from different cabins, Intercamp generates some great memories and new friendships. The day will end with everyone showing off their moves at the Thursday night dance!

Friday will be Ahmek’s ‘Show Night’. Ahmek campers have been preparing skits and will perform them in the dinning hall during this fun event. With some help from the drama program we are sure the evening will be a lively one. There are rumors of a red carpet… stay tuned!

August has been a hit so far!

inflatable joustingWe think this session’s highlight is ‘The Big Event’ aka, Campchella 2018. With a bouncy castle, snow cone machine, slip n’ slide, jousting set-up, glitter and a special appearance from TSC’s very own DJ. It was definitely one for the books.


bouncy castle

August followed in July’s footsteps as Wapomeo’s Dance and Wood-Working programs are still a favorite among campers. Shout-out to our  program staff for making it much loved this summer.

With the help of the Dance program the Wapomeo Lip Syncs were a total success this week. Applause and laughter could be heard from across the lake.

senior park

This month’s Senior Park trip was the first of summer and we are sure they will return with a new love for canoe trip.



The countdown is almost over for those campers joining us for the August 12-day session. See you in just 5 days!

Although we are coming into our final 2 weeks on Canoe Lake, there is still so much to look forward to. 

These next two-weeks will be filled with:

Canoe Trips!

Camp friends!

Awesome in-camp activities!

The Final Play!


The Final Banquet!

Wapomeo Candle Lighting and Ahmek A!