The Last Week Of Camp

We can’t believe we are in the last week of camp. Just 6 days until the summer 2018 sessions come to an end. Although we are coming into the final stretch of camp, this week is jam packed with exciting events and activities!

TSC had the Canoe Lake games yesterday afternoon, marking the final Intercamp of the summer. Teams worked together to move from one activity to the next in a relay race style. The teamwork was real as teams moved through the relay which included a canoe race, water boiling, kayaking and high-ropes. The day was a competitive one but also full of great sportsmanship as the blue team took the win! Well done to everyone, the final Intercamp was one for the books.

horseback riding, ahmek, wapomeo, taylor statten camps, summer 2018, summer campYesterday, the Pioneer and Tuscie 12-day campers returned from their canoe trips. Today the Mountaineer and Shawnnee 12-day campers will paddle back into camp.  The cabins who have had camp to themselves over these past few days have taken full advantage of programmed activities! As we make our way into a week full of returning canoe trips, we are all excited to have canoe lake echoing a little louder.

sailing, ahmek, camp, wapomeo

The Wilson race had Canoe Lake full of sailboats today! Although this morning brought some rainy weather with it, that didn’t stop campers. Well done to everyone who competed and good luck to those who are onto the finals tomorrow!

quetico, final play, mama mia

Quetico has been working hard preparing for the Final Play – Mama Mia. With the Abba enthusiasm high, everyone is excited for the big show! Curtains open Monday evening.


fire by friction, water boiling, camp, summer 2018

The final council ring of the summer will happen this weekend. With the fire ban lifted the evening will give campers and staff the opportunity to finally show off their fire-by-friction and water boiling skills!

Sunday our Bantam and Kiowa campers will head out on their overnight canoe trip and mark our final canoe trip send-off of the summer!

canoe lake, wpaomeo, taylor statten camps, summer camp, canoe trip, 50 dayMonday is a big day for TSC campers and staff!

  • We will welcome back our 50 Day canoe trips. After 50 days together we know the paddle in will be super special!
  • The Kipawa canoe tripswill return from their 22 days! We will expect them mid-evening by bus.
  • The Temagami canoe trips will return back to camp after their 11 days of trip.

boule, summer camp, wapomeo, canoe racesThe end of the sessions will also include the Stilson and Boule races! Campers will compete in groups of 2 against other campers in their sections. The staff races will also take place this week.

The last two days of camp wi

ll be filled with Ahmek and Wapomeo Final Banquets, Ahmek A and Wapomeo’s Candle Lighting. The Final Banquets will be themed and food will be served buffet style!

Ahmek A will happen on the last night of camp. Campers and staff will get to show off their musical talents as performances will kick-off the night. A slide-show presentation will have us looking back on all the great moments that we’ve had over the summer. The evening will also include an award ceremony for both campers and staff.  The night is destined to be a great end to the summer!

Wapomeo’s Candle Lighting will happen on the final evening of camp. Cabins will come together around a fire to reminisce on all the great times they’ve had over their time at camp. Each cabin will make a cabin wish together to end the great session they’ve had together. Along with a slide-show filled with some summer’s highlights, the evening will also include presenting awards to campers and staff! The night will be a magical one.

All our photos from the summer can be found on our Facebook Page. In our July 2018 Album, August 2018 Album and Cabin Photo Albums.

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