A Final Farewell to Summer 2018!

Goodbye Summer 2018! A TSC summer is one of the best types of summers. While the activities and canoe trips make Ahmek and Wapomeo so much fun, it’s what campers bring home with them at the end of the season that make Canoe Lake summers so special. Campers create forever friendships and memories that Campers will reminisce about in camp activities like sailing, tennis, high-ropes, horse-back riding and dream of nights spent sleeping under the stars in the tent.

The uniqueness of a TSC summer is why campers and staff return each year! Each summer, new and returning campers form one-of-a-kind friendships, are given the chance to practice their social skills, escape from social media and leave proud of their accomplishments.

With each day filled with something different and exciting there is no wonder why a place like camp is known as a ‘kid’s vacation’. It is also no surprise that when leaving camp, campers head off with a lot more than they came with (other than the accidental cabin mate’s sock). Campers return home with journals full of memories, forever friendships, a new sense of self-confidence and independence; these are just a few of the reasons why summers at camp are the best.

Before we say goodbye to another unbelievable summer on Canoe Lake, here’s to…

 Canoe Trips

This summer was a record breaker for canoe trips. Ontario lakes were welcomed with Ahmek and Wapomeo camp spirit as TSC trippers adventured through the Canadian wilderness alongside their cabin mates and counsellors. As days began to pass and the trips came to an end we are sure campers will return home with a deep love for canoe trip, camp friendships and nature.

Well done to all campers and staff who enjoyed a TSC canoe trip this summer. Congratulations to our 50 day, Quetico and Kipawa canoe trips for such a special accomplishment, you should all be very proud.

In-camp Activities

The TSC in-camp life has Canoe Lake buzzing with programmed activities; keeping campers busy all day long. With rest hour mid-day, campers are given the opportunity to re-charge for the afternoon. In-camp activities were much loved as campers (and staff) were eager to participate! With spirits high and sounds of happy campers resonating across the sunny shores, there is no doubt this summer was much enjoyed.

Big Events

We’re not just talking about Campchella (although the DJ performance, snow cone machine, jumpy castle and slip-n-slide was epic)! This summer was full of big events.


The fire-ban! With the warm, hot and dry summer we had it was no doubt the fire-ban had a big play in camp life. Staff brought forward their creative side for the first council ring! An orange tent was centered for that ‘camp fire’ effect and with no water-boiling or fire-by-friction, our awesome staff worked some magic and did a great job in creating a fun and exciting council ring for all.

Our canoe trips felt the extent of the fire ban too as re-routes were common and camp fires were not. But that just added a little extra spunk to the awesome summer and absolutely incredible canoe trips!

With the fire ban lifted just in time for the final council ring, some staff and campers got to show off their fire-by-friction and water boiling skills. The final session of Try-out campers were able to enjoy some yummy smores and kindle some friendships around an outdoor camp fire.

This summer’s plaque was dedicated to the all the re-routes that had to happen due to the forest fires. 

The Dance Program & Final Play! Camp Wapomeo and Camp Ahmek were shown first hand just how great the new Dance program at Camp Wapomeo is. As Final Play had some seriously impressive choreography, it is definitely a program that has turned heads (in the right direction!!).

Stilson 2018! Well done to all who competed this summer in the Staff Stilson and Junior Stilson. Congratulations to the Casper brothers, Evan and Harris, who took first in the Staff Stilson.



Boule 2018! There’s just something special about those Wapomeo women! Well done to all Wapomeo competitors to took part in this summer’s Staff and Junior Boule!

TSC Campers

Summers at TSC wouldn’t be what they are without all the campers that join us on Canoe Lake each year. Thank you to all the new campers who spent their first summer with us, we hope to see you back at TSC next year! Thank you to all the returning campers for another special summer on the sunny shores, see you next year. Canoe Lake misses you all already!

Fantastic Staff

Before we say goodbye, we can’t forget to mention TSC staff. Thank you to Camp Wapomeo and Camp Ahmek staff for joining us on Canoe Lake this summer. Each summer wouldn’t be possible without great people like you. All your hard work and camp spirit is so appreciated. Canoe Lake is anxiously waiting for your return.

Our Camp Directors 

Each summer wouldn’t be possible without our Camp Directors. Thank you Mercede Rogers and Greg Albeisser for making Canoe Lake extra special! Yay for summer 2018

Check out our Facebook Photo Albums for all the photos from this summer. You can also find your cabin photo in our Facebook Photo Albums dedicated to Wapomeo and Ahmek Cabin Photos.   

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