Welcome to September Camp!

Camp Ahmek is filling up with new and returning families joining us for our September Family Camp!

September Camp was created with the goal of providing Ahmek and Wapomeo alumni with the opportunity to relive their summer camp experience and reunite with families and friends on the shores of Canoe Lake. Over the years this has stayed much the same while additionally offering new families the opportunity to enjoy the camp experience as well!

The 10 days are filled with programmed activities while also offering a free and easy atmosphere so guests can be as active or idle as they wish. Days are filled with your choice of activities and evenings are filled with a special event for all to enjoy!

September Camp Activities Available During the Day





Horseback Riding (only offered from August 24th to September 1st)

Arts & Crafts

High Ropes

Climbing Wall


Paddle Boarding

Kids Program


A sneak peak at some of our evening events that are happening this week

Coffee House

The Auction

‘Casino Night’

Family Paddle

Bantam Beach BBQ

Show Night


Dewey Run!

TSC Amazing Race

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