Canoe Lake Update – Family Camp

We sadly said goodbye to our summer campers last week but, Canoe Lake has continued to echo with camp spirit as TSC’s September Family Camp began this past Friday.

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Three Generations at September Camp!

Once families settled into their cabins, the TSC Amazing Race kicked off the beginning of Family Camp. With new and returning guests jumping right into the games, the first night of September Camp was a perfect start to a great 10 days.

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September Camp Activities

As Saturday marked our first full day of Family Camp, no time was wasted as guests got right into TSC activities. High-Ropes, archery, horseback riding, canoeing, sailing and kid’s program were buzzing as guests moved from one activity to the next. Following dinner, families joined together in the evening activity, ‘Family Fun Night’!

September Camp Paddles to Little Wap

With a silver Sunday, it was a perfect day for trail rides and Kid’s Program! The dining hall filled with excitement when the night’s activity was announced to guests and staff. The evening was full of some TSC history as everyone paddled over to Little Wapomeo in the war canoe. With photos, books and stories circulating throughout the old lodge, there was a warm feel of Camp Wapomeo resonating the little island. It was a memorable and magical evening for all who joined.

September Camp Guests

TSC was happy to welcome new and returning families to Canoe Lake Monday morning. After a day full of activities, guests enjoyed a BBQ feast on the Ahmek dining hall porch. Following dinner with a view, guests and staff joined together in the dining hall to watch a slideshow of photos taken during the months of July and August. As alumni enjoyed the nostalgic moments and new families got to see a glimpse into the life of a TSC camper, it was a perfect end to the day.

September Camp Guests at Casino Night

Tuesday evening was a day many September Campers have been waiting for all year – Casino Night!  With monopoly money on the line, families moved from one Casino Night activity to the next in hopes of filling those pockets for the evening’s auction. Following the fun and games and the ‘horse-races’, families and staff sat down auction style; ready for the bidding to start. Monopoly money was flying around as auctioned items were desired by so many! The most popular items were: a sunset paddle in a canoe with two 50-day staff, an ice-cream run to the Portage Store in the pontoon boat and the highlight of the night – ‘Breakfast in Bed’. As breakfast in bed made one little September camper very happy this morning, this Casino Night was a great one.

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September Camp

Tonight’s evening activity is the September Camp Coffee House! With a camp full of talent, we know the evening will be fantastic.

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