Goodbye September Campers!

Time flies when you are enjoying the good times!

The Taylor Statten Camps welcomed returning guests back to the sunny shores for September Camp. As cabins filled up, camp spirit kicked back into full gear! TSC was also happy to have new families join and experience all the great things that these 10 days have to offer.

Morning and afternoons were filled with some favourite in-camp activities while evenings included a special event for all to join in.

Guests were welcome to take part in as few or as many activities as they chose. Days included the opportunity to enjoy canoeing, swimming, paddle-boarding, horseback riding, archery, high ropes, tennis, field-sports, and the kid’s program.

Each evening activity created it’s own fun and lively atmosphere; that guests were welcome to join in on if they pleased.

A glimpse back into the days of September Camp …

Family Camp’s final night ended with guests of all ages getting into canoes and enjoying their last paddle of the year from the shores of Camp Ahmek. With a beautiful sunset to help us cheers off September Camp.


Saturday was final banquet; buffet style of course! Before the dinning hall filled with guests ready to eat, the sunny shores held ‘The TSCBF Auction’ hosted by the one and only, Tim Welsh.

During this annual event, a wide variety of items are auctioned off to a gathering of guests seated on the beach outside the Ahmek dining hall. With all proceeds going towards The Taylor Statten Camping Bursary Fund (TSCBF), the day has Canoe Lake echoing with camp spirit as the community generously helps to send kids to camp.

Thank you to everyone who joined in for the kids!

The Taylor Statten Camping Bursary Fund was established in 1972 in honour of Taylor Statten I! As he was a leading figure in North American camping and youth education, he believed that summer camp could play a critical role in a child’s early life and development. Camp can build self-confidence, encourage teamwork, leadership, create friendships that will last a lifetime, and gain an appreciation for nature.

The Fund provides financial assistance that can be put towards any camp that is an accredited member of the Ontario Camping Association or the Canadian Camping Association.


September Camp, Coffee House, Show Night

Friday evening was a TSC original – Show Night! With Canoe Lake talent high (as always), guests and staff enjoyed an entertaining start to the long weekend.

September Camp, Fire by friction, Camp Skills

Thursday’s night activity was filled with some of our favourite camp skills. Fire-by-friction and water-boiling was impressive as guests and staff showed off their skills!

Wednesday was Coffee House, a perfect end for some of our first set of September Camp guests. Incredible performances had camp spirits high as we made our way into the last half of family camp.

Tuesday was the annual September Camp ‘Casino Night’. This event is definitely a family favourite.  Everyone gets to participate in games to win [monopoly] money. After the main event, guests enjoyed a staged wrestling match put on by some brave and hilarious staff members. To round out the evening, the kids spent their hard earned monopoly money at a fake auction. Some of the prizes included a trip to the Portage Store for ice cream, breakfast in bed, and a jar of candy!


Following a scenic Ahmek dining hall porch dinner, guests and staff got together to enjoy a slideshow of photos put together from the summer! A perfect way to finish off the Monday of Family Camp.



 Sunday night was special for many as a war canoe filled with guests and staff made its way across Canoe Lake to Little Wapomeo. As the place is absolutely filled with history, camp love and TSC spirit, the night was a very magical one.


Saturday was our first full day of September Camp, and a perfect open to all the great times ahead. As nice weather accompanied a day filled with activities, we knew this September Camp was going to be much enjoyed. The night finished off with the ‘Family Fun Night’.

Canoe Lake was not lonely for long after campers left from camp Thursday morning because, September campers joined us Friday afternoon. After families settled into their cabins and took that breath of Algonquin Park fresh air, the TSC Amazing Race games began!

 As Canoe Lake prepares for the seasons ahead, we are sure the memories that have been created over these past few months will continue to keep it echoing with TSC spirit.

Thank you to everyone who joined us for September Camp 2018.  The Taylor Statten Camps wishes you all the best in your year ahead. See you back on the sunny shores in 2019!