Dreaming of Canoe Trip

As Algonquin Park begins to fall into the beautiful season of autumn, we can’t help but feel a sense of nostalgia from the summers days that have made Canoe Lake a special place for so many.

Camp is one of the greatest positive experiences that can alter the course of one’s life. It’s often that we hear how camp has impacted someone in a distinct way that has made them who we they are today. This spans much deeper than enjoying nature or days in-camp filled with all your favourite activities. It’s what arises during these days that leads summer camp to distributing this truly life-changing impact to all who join. Campers and staff relate their summer camp experience to: confidence, feeling less stressed, friendships, social skills, resiliency, leadership skills being a team player and of course much more.

canoe trip for girls, summer camp, wapomeoAlthough there are many common themes that continually come up when talking about the benefits of summer camp, there is something truly unique about the experience of canoe trip.

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The TSC canoe tripping program is what has come to make Camp Ahmek and Camp Wapomeo so different in the overnight summer camp community. It has also come to have the most significant impact on campers and staff that have attended The Taylor Statten Camps.

When campers of all ages from Camp Wapomeo and Camp Ahmek were asked ‘what was the best part about your summer camp experience’ answers always came down to canoe trip and what it encompassed.

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As days continue and the school year brings homework that feels like it will never end, hours of studying, cold winter days and other moments that might make you feel a bit down; think back to those canoe trip days and remind yourself…


portaging, wapomeo, summer camp for girls, paddle moreBecause campers and staff, you can do whatever you put your mind to!

Remember that portage you thought would never end… it did! Those moments that you thought you couldn’t paddle any more, you did! You finally flipped that canoe. You carried that wannigan the whole time because you set your mind to it. The pack that was way too heavy, felt lighter as each portage was completed because your mind and body grew stronger.

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You sterned the canoe and knew that you were good at it because you put time into practicing. You realized it feels good to be there for others while pushing your friends past what they thought were their limits. You learned you were a pretty good cook and everyone else thought so too. With each stroke you became a better paddler. As each day passed your ability to communicate with others grew. You learned that a positive attitude and mindset goes a long way. You realized how special a good friendship is and that when times get tough, you are not alone!

And for those cold winter days …

Canoe Trip, 50 Days in the wild, canoe tripping for girls

Remember that it won’t be long until you are back at camp enjoying blissful moments, beautiful scenery, hot days cooled down by jumping in the lake, venturing into the path less travelled, enjoying starry nights and making more memories with your best-friends.