There’s just one TSC!

September Camp, Ahmek, Wapomeo, Taylor Statten Camps

There are plenty of summer camps but, there is only one TSC. That being said though, it is not the name that separates Camp Ahmek and Camp Wapomeo from other summer camps. It’s what a summer spent at The Taylor Statten Camps is full of that makes it so unique.


With each new summer on Canoe Lake the camp spirit that resonates from Ahmek and Wapomeo becomes a little louder. As campers return, new campers join and the TSC alumni grows, the abundance of stories and memories that spur from the sunny shores are what continue to make the TSC camp community so special.

With each summer traditions continue, new exciting events surface, friendships grow and Camp Ahmek and Camp Wapomeo become a little more vibrant with camp memories.

With days full of incredibly fun moments it’s hard to pin-point the exact thing that makes TSC unique. And that’s just it because it really isn’t just one thing at all!



It’s the years of canoe trips filled with unforgettable adventures,


Days full of awesome in-camp activities that everyone wants to join in on,


Catchy camp songs and hymns that make everything just right,


  Names in the dining hall; with each one holding their own camp story,



It’s the plaques full of names that maintain decades of history,


  A constant sound of echoing laughter and happiness,

A growing love for nature,


Those serene Algonquin Park sunsets that seem extra magical while enjoying them with your friends,



Feeling a stronger sense of self because, you can be YOU at camp,



Conquering obstacles alongside your camp friends and staff,


Having a special family away from home,



And creating some one-of-a-kind friendships that are destined to last a lifetime.



As we near into those colder months, and you head out into the city, throw on your warmer TSC Tuck Shop wear! You may just find another someone from Ahmek or Wapome to reminisce with on your way.

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