Thinking About Your First Long Canoe Trip?

Have you completed a Kipawa? Are you looking to embark on your first long canoe trip? Check out the info below to learn more about the trips offered at TSC that are typically a first long trip after Kipawa.


Quetico Provincial Park is part of the largest international area in the world set aside for wilderness recreation. This protected area around the Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA) has changed little since the glaciers melted. It is no wonder why the beauty of Quetico has had TSC trippers wanting to return each year since 1965. The park is packed with an abundance of spectacular scenery; full of granite cliffs, waterfalls, tangled lakes and rivers.

Summer Camp, TSC, Ahmek, Wapomeo, Kids Camp, Explore Ontario, Canoe TripWhile traveling through the park, one can almost hear the Voyageurs who traveled by birch bark canoes. Within the BWCA are hundreds of prehistoric pictographs on rock ledges and cliffs. As a historic homeland, this canoe trip offers it’s campers a truly historic view into the life before.

The Quetico Canoe Trips offered for both Ahmek and Wapomeo campers are 36 days in length, giving campers the experience of both a long canoe trip and in-camp life. With a max of only 6 cabins voyaging through this beautiful escarpment each summer, interest is high. Registration opens November 5th and timely applications are due as of January 31st. With many TSC trippers canoeing through Quetico Provincial Park each summer, starting in the same location and ending at the same destination, the trip has become known as a social one!




The Ishpatina Canoe Trip is available to both Ahmek and Wapomeo campers each summer. This canoe trip is 36 days through the Biscotasing and Temagami areas in Northern Ontario. The name for the trip has come from one of the many highlights; the Ishpatina Ridge, which is the highest point in Ontario.

With the popularity and demand for a 36 day canoe trip, Ishpatina was created in 2014 with the idea of offering more tripping options for the TSC camper. Cabins will be starting in the same location, with different day-to-day routes, but ending in the same destination.

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With the chance of the Isphatina trips crossing paths multiple times, this canoe trip is aiming to reach out to those searching for a social experience while indulging in the Canadian wilderness. Campers who take on the adventure that Ishpatina offers, will also get the chance to enjoy the in-camp activities offered on Canoe Lake!



Biscotasing ‘Bisco’


The Biscotasing Canoe Trip aims at campers looking to discover the beauty that can be found off the beaten path. The Biscotasing area is scattered with waterfalls, rivers, rocky heights and long lakes. The diversity of the Bisco escarpment makes it truly an incredible area in which to travel by canoe.

Long Canoe Trip, Trip Views, IshpatinaHighlights of the Biscotasing trip can include some exploratory tripping, pictographs, climbing Ontario’s two highest points, seeing wildlife in it’s most natural state and indulging in some spectacular fishing. The town of Biscotasing is a food-drop destination for trips and occupies an important niche in Canadian history. Biscotasing has something to offer everyone and has been deemed as the “trip of a lifetime” for many TSC trippers since 1979.

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The Bisco Canoe Trip is aimed at those looking to embody everything great about canoe trip; trekking through tough terrain that leads to a feeling of immeasurable accomplishment, improving hard-skills, exploring the path less traveled, creating forever bonds with cabin mates and exploring the incredible beauty that Canada has to offer.Long Canoe Trip, Taylor Statten Camps, Ahmek, Wapomeo


If you are looking to escape into the Canadian wilderness with your TSC friends and embody everything that it means to be a TSC canoe tripper, this is the trip for you! Previous campers have found themselves completing a Bisco canoe trip before taking on the famous TSC 50 day canoe trip.

If you are looking to escape into the Canadian wilderness with your TSC friends and embody everything that it means to be a TSC canoe tripper, this is the trip for you!

Tune in next week for more information on our longest canoe trip, 50 Day!

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