Canoe Lake Memories 1927 – 1931

“Here Let the Northwoods’ Spirit Kindle Fires of Friendship”

Over time things on Canoe Lake have changed.  Canoes get a fresh coat of paint, cabins get redone, new activities are added, but there is one thing that always stays the same: The spirit of TSC! The passing down of stories and traditions from one generation to the next is one of the reasons that Wapomeo and Ahmek have such a unique community.  The TSC spirit is a type of camp spirit that continues to resonate through generations and with years of TSC canoe trips, lifelong friendships, hours of laughter and much more, these happy memories are held close.

This week’s blog is dedicated to the incredible moments, camp friendships, and Canoe Lake memories from years ago, shared with us by a previous camper and staff member. Canoe Lake memories really do last a lifetime.

Canoe Lake Memories 1927- 1931

 “The train to camp was an adventure. We left Union Station about midnight, slept in a berth and arrived at Scotia Junction in time for breakfast. Then we took another train to Canoe Lake where we boarded canoes for the trip to our island camp. When I arrived at camp for the first time, I could barely swim and had never been in a canoe or sailboat. By the time I left, I was a counsellor, taught swimming and sailing and was a stern paddler in the large canoe, I loved it!””

Gretel Aeberli


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