50 Days Stronger

50 Days Stronger at Camp Wapomeo A Taylor Statten CampsEach summer campers and staff from the Taylor Statten Camps have set out from Algonquin Park to explore even more remote locations in Ontario’s northern wilderness. Over 50 days, campers paddle and portage their way back to camp to Camp Wapomeo and Camp Ahmek, pushing themselves mentally and physically. During the summer of 2018, 4 Camp Wapomeo and 3 Camp Ahmek cabins set-off on their 50 day long canoe trip adventure. Each cabin’s experience is unique, with their own planned route, team dynamic, friendships and memories.

Camp Wapomeo for girls Canoe tripping experienceIt’s hard to put the 50 Day experience into words, especially when describing it to those who are new to the TSC community. Thanks to Camp Ahmek alum Mike Last of Mike Last Photography, we are reminded that a picture is worth a thousand words. We hope this portrait project will provide inspiration to future generations to continue on creating incredible connections, both with themselves and nature.

Camp Wapomeo canoe tripping program at the Taylor Statten CampsOvercome with emotion as they completed their incredible journey, this project hopes to share the faces and memories of these powerful young women at their strongest.



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Erin Caplice (Camp Wapomeo 50 Day Staff)

Both 50-Day canoe trips I have done were extremely important times in my life. This type of experience is very challenging to describe to people. This canoe trip really challenges you in the best possible way. Both as a camper and staff, I had many obstacles to overcome and with the support of 8 other people you love beside you, the hard times really don’t seem so bad. As a camper I met my best friends during my 50-Day, and as a staff I was lucky enough to make seven more best friends. My campers inspired me everyday, and reminded me that you are never to old to be silly. This trip gives people an escape from their busy and stressful lives, and reminds us of how beautiful the simple things in life are.

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