A Day on Canoe Trip

What would a day on canoe trip be like? Well, it might go a little like this…

heading out on canoe trip in algonquin park with the taylor statten campsThe sun rises, the birds begin to chirp and you and your cabin mates wake up feeling well rested and ready to take on another day in the Canadian back-country. After eating a warm breakfast made on the fire, you and your cabin mates pack up the campsite while your counsellors look at the route planned ahead for the day. Once you are all packed up and the campsite looks as it did when you arrived, everyone gets into the canoes and the paddling begins. Another blissful morning in the serene wilderness.

a day of canoe tripping with the taylor statten camps camp wapomeo

With each stroke, the group becomes more and more synchronized, moving the canoe swiftly across the water. Paddling is not hard but rather second nature to you and your cabin mates. You come to the end of the lake and it’s just about lunch time! A morning full of paddling has you ready to re-fuel, but you all decide you want to make it to the next lake before you eat. To get there you will have to make it through the patch of forest that is separating the two lakes. Your counsellors each gracefully flip a canoe onto their back, as if it’s as light as a feather. You can’t help but watch and think about the day when you become a camp counsellor and impress your campers while on canoe trip.

portaging on canoe trip in algonquin park ontario with the taylor statten camps

As you follow behind your counsellors, each step becomes part of a rhythm and 500 meters doesn’t seem so bad after all. You are in charge of a pack, filled with food for the coming days, it’s heavy but no match for you when you put your mind to it. You can see shimmering beyond the tree line and you know you’re almost there, another portage checked off the list! Finally, it’s time to eat. You and your fellow campers are in charge of making the sandwiches and by now you know each person’s quirky preferences. Lunch bring up some good conversations and a funny moment that has you all laughing uncontrollably. Though it’s echoing across the lake, you know you this moment is only being shared among all of you; a perk of exploring the path less traveled. You move like a group through each endeavor, so it’s no shock to anyone when you all  pack up and get back into the canoes without addressing it.

canoe tripping program at the taylor statten camps in algonquin park ontario camp ahmekAs you take on the next lakes, you come to notice the unique aspects of each one. Each lake sparks up different conversations, deep thoughts, more laughter and special moments. Suddenly, something catches your eye, you point it out to the your cabin mates and counsellors. Your counsellors have a feeling they know what it is and decide the group will paddle towards it for a better look. The slight detour was well worth it because now you’re all looking at a moose and its calf in their natural habitat! They haven’t noticed you yet so you watch from a safe distance, sitting in your canoes experiencing wildlife at its finest. If only you could replay this moment to friends and family when you get home because their is no way words will describe how incredible this is.

Canoe tripping program at the taylor statten campsAfter some more paddling and portages, you’ve made it to your campsite for that night. A few of you set up the tent while the others help the counsellors prepare dinner. After dinner and the dishes are done, the sunset is the cue that bedtime is near. As you all sit together appreciating the day for a little longer, you can’t help but feel happy knowing how much you accomplished that day, all the special moments you experienced together as a group and the bonds that you are creating with your cabin mates.

When you return to camp after canoe trip, you know you’ve changed a little bit. You’ve acquired new skills, developed a new level of confidence, become more self aware and have learned what it means to truly enjoy the present moment. You start to reminisce on your canoe trip days and begin to laugh at the fact that you already miss it. It took just one canoe trip to have you counting down the days till your next one.

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