Canoe Lake Update

As we move towards the new year, we have a couple of announcements to share…

Firstly, as some of you already know, this past summer marked the fifth year of Greg Albisser’s leadership as Director of Camp Ahmek. Having successfully completed his agreed five year term, Greg will be focusing on new challenges and will not be returning next Summer. We cannot begin to express what his commitment and talented leadership has meant to TSC and he will be missed by campers, fellow staff members, and the wider Alumni community. We extend a heartfelt thank you to both Greg and his wife Katie for their many years of service to the Taylor Statten Camps, and we look forward to them remaining in the TSC family through events such as September Camp.

Secondly, we are excited to introduce the newest full-time member of the TSC Team, David Jefferies! David will be taking on the role of Vice President of Operations and Director of Camp Ahmek, in addition to continuing as Director of September Camp. He will also be the point person for all staff starting in January, as included in this role is Human Resources!

A little about David…

David first attended Ahmek as a Bantam camper in 1980. He went on to serve in various staff positions including CIT, Head of Sailing, Program Director, Assistant Director of Ahmek, Assistant Director of September Camp and most recently, Director of September Camp. David has been a member of the Board of Directors of the Taylor Statten Camps for the past 7 years. His family roots at TSC run deep- his grandfather Bill Jefferies was a cabin mate of ‘Dr.Tay’s’ in 1921 in the Inkie Section. His grandmother, father, uncles, sisters and cousins all attended Ahmek and Wapomeo as campers and staff. Ahmek provided David with an outlet to develop a range of skills that have served him well in his professional life outside of camp. His initial leadership, social, and problem-solving abilities grew out of the TSC camping experience and lead to a challenging career at a management and executive level in the ICI construction industry after spending a number of years in the academic world attending Queen’s University, University of Toronto and University of British Columbia.

David’s wife Andrea will be joining him at TSC during the summer season and they have one daughter, Aria, both of whom are avid September Campers, and who have also grown fond of Canoe Lake. Their family canoe trips in Algonquin, Kipawa, Temagami and Killarney are born of the TSC tripping spirit that David’s Dad helped reinforce with annual father-son spring canoe trips throughout Northern Ontario. The social setting and outdoor experiences at critical development stages of young people’s lives is exactly what served to provide David with his everlasting and most cherished friendships- almost all of David’s close friends are Ahmek and Wap alumni. He truly feels that there is something magical about TSC, to forge these bonds and set the stage for these all-important life-long connections. The TSC setting offers a wide range of sporting, outdoor, musical and counselling opportunities like no other place and David attributes much of his own wide range of talents to the opportunities Camp Ahmek provided him for decades.

The canoe, the paddle, the lakes of the Canadian Shield and Algonquin Park have provided a spiritual home for the Jefferies’ family for decades. Their family cottage on Lake of Bays was chosen for its proximity to Algonquin. He is very excited to help facilitate and develop similar experiences and personal growth for new generations of staff and campers.

We look forward to this exciting new chapter for TSC. Again, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to you and your family!


The TSC Team