The Stilson


Some Stilson history…

Originating in the summer of 1952, the Stilson race continues to be an exciting part of TSC summer traditions at Camp Ahmek.

In 1952, the Ahmek C.I.T Director and his fellow camp friend were trying to come up with a way to give honor to those who were excellent paddlers and canoe trippers at TSC. The two Ahmek staff came to the idea of a race, which they decided to call the Stilson. The trophy was named after the ‘Stillson’ wrench, the trophy used at the time belonged to a maintenance staff member. The Stilson race didn’t take long to become a hit among staff members and campers. So it was no wonder that in 1957 the JR Stilson came alive.

In the years since, the JR Stilson has continued to attract keen competition among campers. It is now run by section, allowing participants from both July and August sessions to compete against campers the same age. The staff Stilson continues to be a part of the summer fun with the race taking place at the end of August. Though the owner of the wrench has changed, the trophy still holds the same meaning and continues to be a part of the history. The names of the winners continue to be put up in the Ahmek dining hall each year. Having your name put up in the dining hall is much sought-after and the perfect way to note an impressive camp accomplishment!

Is this your year?

A big thank you to Mike Last Photo for capturing the uniqueness behind a pretty awesome part of the Ahmek traditions and history at TSC. Stilson info from Fires of Friendship – Eighty Years of The Taylor Statten Camps.

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