More Camp!

It’s these winter days that have us wishing summer camp was all year long. With only 5 months until camp sessions begin, the summer 2019 excitement is setting in. As cabins fill up, we are starting to think about all the great days that are ahead of us on Canoe Lake. This week we are dedicating our blog post to all the great things about being a full month camper. A full month session at Camp Wapomeo and Camp Ahmek allow campers to really dig into camp life at TSC. Scroll down to hear about our top reasons for why we love the full month sessions at camp!

More time with camp friends!

They say camp friends are forever friends, we only wish that also meant we could hang out with them forever. The full month sessions mean more time with camp friends and yup, that’s on the top of our list!


More time at activities!

Conquer those rock wall and high rope goals, master some soloing skills, become besties with your favourite horse, hone in on those archery skills, reach your swimming level goals and so much more. A full month session at camp means extra time in our happy place!


More of the good days!

Being at camp for the whole month means more time to live the good life, aka camp life. Each day there is something to look forward to. Whether your day is filled with all your favourite activities, the best evening activity, those yummy camp meals or that warm Canoe Lake weather, it’s a good day when it’s a camp day.


More Canoe Trip Days!

Campers who come to camp for the full month session get to embark on longer canoe trips. Who doesn’t love a couple more days exploring the beautiful back-country with their camp friends!


More memories to last a lifetime!

Because it’s those camp memories that have us counting down days till another summer on Canoe Lake begins


 If you have yet to register for your summer 2019 session don’t wait any longer, spots are filling up quickly!

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