wood shop at camp ahmek and camp wapomeo

At TSC, woodworking encourages campers to let their inner artist step forward and CREATE.


ahmek woodworking wood shop

Both Camp Ahmek and Camp Wapomeo have a woodworking program that is incorporated into each cabin’s programmed activity schedule. Campers learn how to use tools that help build on what the mind envisions. Campers can also expect to help build problem solving techniques and other helpful skills they can use outside of the wood shop.


ahmek campers with their picture frames


Each masterpiece is unique, just like each camper that made it. At woodworking campers get to let their creativity lead as they work on the activity at hand.


wapomeo campers making mini paddles


Watching campers’ visions come alive as imagination forms into real life items like paddles, wanngians, birdhouses and more!


camp wapomeo wood shop activities


Woodworking inspires campers to continue to create and believe in their creativity as the powerful and fun skill it is.


ahmek woodworking


Woodworking also helps build on cabin dynamic while campers show off their teamwork skills and sportsmanship throughout the activity.   


Wapomeo woodworking


Campers get to bring their masterpiece home; these items act as a pretty great reminders of good times spent with great friends 🙂   


The open-nature of the wood shop provide campers with the perfect atmosphere to build confidence, work on problem-solving techniques, let creativity thrive, imagination sprout and teach them how to be proud of what they can accomplish!  Want to know more about TSC in-camp programming? Visit our Camp Activities page for photos and more details about camp life!