TSC Horseback Riding Program

Happy #TSCTuesday !

We’re celebrating this Tuesday by taking a look at one of camp’s oldest and much-loved programs, Horseback Riding!

Riding came to Ahmek in 1923 and was part of the program when Wapomeo opened in 1924. Since then riding continues to be a great part of summers on Canoe Lake. Riding is a scheduled in-camp activity that all campers get to take part in.  Campers participate in trail rides, obstacle courses, and games while learning the fundamentals and skills needed for horseback riding!

There is never a dull moment at the stables as Canoe Lake welcomes close to 20 horses each summer. We can’t forget to mention another friend who joins us on Canoe Lake for the summer, Eeyore, the TSC donkey! Eeyore can be found playing around with some of the horses, goofing around in the dirt or just hanging out enjoying the TSC camp spirit.

In the spirit of reminiscing on a pretty awesome in-camp activity, we’re going to share a funny camp story that Camp Wapomeo camper shared with us. It might just be one of our favourites!

Funny Camp Moment at Camp Wapomeo‘I love riding because it’s fun and different from the other activities at camp. I think my whole cabin’s favourite activity is horseback riding. Well actually canoe trip first and then horseback riding! So this one time at riding after we finished our trail ride me and my cabin mates wanted to groom the horses with the time we had left before the next activity. That means brushing their manes and putting braids in their hair. I love that part. Anyways after I finished my turn braiding Vegas, I walked over to another horse who was in his stable. As I was looking at him and he was looking at me, he sneezed and accidentally spit a bunch of hay all over my face!! It was so gross but I don’t think I have ever laughed so hard in my life. It is my funniest memory of camp and like I have a lot of camp memories. I still love horseback riding though and look forward to it every year. I just won’t let a horse sneeze on me again!’

Claire, Camp Wapomeo July 15 day Camper (Age 9)

Just 123 days till we’re back on Canoe Lake with camp friends enjoying our favourite camp activities 🙂 

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