Life After Camp: Athlete Edition

It’s our connections from camp that keep our summer days alive and that continue to shape and grow the TSC community.

Hearing about what alumni are up to after their time at camp never fails to inspire! This week Jasmine Baird shared her story with us. Jasmine is a Camp Wapomeo alumni and avid September camper who is making her mark on the slopes as a professional snowboarder.


2019 has already proved to be a good one for Jasmine as she took home Bronze in the World Cup in Italy, placed as a finalist in the World Cup Championships and was also invited to the Burton US open placing 9th  earlier this year!

Slope success is nothing new to Jasmine though, as she took home 3 gold medals and one silver in 2018 at the North American Slopestyle, won the Junior National Championship in 2017 and had her World Cup debut in the Czech Republic in 2017! Jasmine continues to pursue her dreams and passion for snowboarding and has given us the chance to ask her about her journey.

When were you a camper at Camp Wapomeo?

I attended Camp Wapomeo for the first time when I was 8 years old for 2 weeks with a 4 day canoe trip that I’ll never forget! For the next approximately 6 years, I came to September camp with my family every summer. The past few years I haven’t been able to come as I’ve been training and competing in Australia and New Zealand at that time of year but I’m looking forward to coming back this September.

Do you have a memory from Wapomeo or September Camp that continues to stick with you?

I have so many amazing memories from camp. My favourites are getting to have fires at night with my family and other campers lakeside. I always have the best time just roasting marshmallows and talking with everyone it’s such a fun and relaxed community. These memories have stuck with me because it taught me to be grateful for nature and to simply just enjoy the moment.

What kicked-off your snowboarding journey?

I started snowboarding because my family owns a chalet at the bottom of Beaver Valley Ski Club near Collingwood, Ontario area. My parents got me out on a board when I was about 2 years old and ever since I was able to do it on my own I’ve been in love with snowboarding.

Have any skills from camp helped you on your journey?

There are many skills I learned from camp that have helped me in my snowboard career. Most importantly I think was learning to live for the moment, to try not to worry about the past or future and just to do what makes me happy right now.

Do you have any words of advice for TSC campers that want to follow their dreams?

My advice for any TSC campers is to dream BIG. Find something that makes you happy and that you’re passionate about and do absolutely whatever it takes to follow that dream. No matter how many times people tell you “you can’t”, or how many times people tell you you’ll fail, just believe in yourself and work hard and you can achieve anything.

What is next for you?

Next for me is to finish up my last few competitions this year, try to keep up my world ranking in the top 20 (I am currently ranked 13th in the world), and I am hoping to qualify for the Canadian National Team next season. This year I got invited to 3 pro/elite level competitions and competed in 2 of them, placing 6th and 9th overall against the best girls in the world. Next year I will continue to ride the elite tour contests with the goal of coming top 10 at each one. I hope to get invited to X Games within the next few years and to qualify for the 2022 Olympic Games.

Will you be visiting us on Canoe Lake for another September Camp?

I am going to Australia again at the end of this summer for a training session but I am 100% going to do my best to work the dates out so I can come to September camp for at least a few days! I miss it so much and think about camp all the time.

Not only is Jasmine continuing to dream BIG but her story is destined to inspire others to dream BIG too.

We’d like to thank Jasmine for taking the time to share her snowboarding journey with us. The TSC community is cheering you on!!