Thoughtful Thursdays at Wapomeo

Happy Thursday!

Mercede Rogers, Camp Wapomeo Director has shared with us why Thursdays are so unique.

I love winter, I really do, but the other day we started organizing our shop at home, got our canoes out and I must admit, it got me daydreaming about open water and Wapomeo.

Which then brought me to thinking about Thursdays at camp. Health and wellness is always at the forefront of camp activities, but Thursday’s give us the opportunity to really focus and check-in with ourselves and our cabin mates. 

When I was a camper, Thursday’s meant “cookout”; loosely structured programming, soggy cream cheese, bagel sandwiches and jam in a poly bag. We would hopefully sleep-in and stay in our pj’s as long as possible, reading Archie comics and pretending to clean our cabin. It was a nice change from the regular program but always felt like something was missing.

A few years ago Thursdays were reinvented and at Wapomeo, are now referred to as “Thoughtful Thursdays” which involve a combination of the special programming of Thursday’s past with what was once Chapel on Sundays (years ago).

Thursdays still mean a sleep-in (unless you are a Kiowa counselor or have a toddler like me…), but breakfast is full of special treats like danishes, chocolate covered croissants and cinnamon rolls.

A nice way to ease into the day and have some relaxed cabin time. We then head to the lodge, where each week one section is responsible for leading us through a topic of their choice. Topics that are chosen are related to the social and emotional environment at camp, including topics such as trust, friendship, community, love, leadership, determination, resiliency, etc. There are songs, readings and poems that are shared within the lodge and cabins are given an activity to work on together; related to the topic of that week.

Afterwards, we move from social and emotional wellness to our physical wellness as we get our bodies moving! Anyone interested can head to Ahmek to participate in the tradition of the Dewey Run – a weekly race around the camp. Others meet up on the Wapomeo docks for our “travel around the island”. Staff and campers are encouraged to travel on or in the water around Main Wapomeo. We paddle, swim, kayak, SUP, and laugh a lot as we move as a group around the island.

Both activities are a great way to start the day and we follow it up with a big buffet lunch and an Intercamp with Ahmek. Every day at camp is a great day, but Thursdays seem that much more special as we spend the day together as a community. If you happen to be at camp for a Thursday this summer I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


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