SUP Long Trip

We are only 3 months away from camp!

Summers on Canoe Lake always bring fun, excitement and surprises but we thought today we would share one with you about something super cool happening in Summer 2019.



Summer 2019 will mark the first ever SUP Long Trip. 




It’s going to be 25 days in length of stand-up paddle boarding around the Algonquin Park area. This journey will be a unique one and the first of it’s kind. Who knows what the future will hold for the SUP Long Trip traveller.


The trip will start on Canoe Lake and end at Canoe Lake. Campers and staff will each be in charge of their own paddleboard. Campers will attach new waterproof packs to the back of their paddle boards and paddle along. Check below for some pictures of the journey ahead for this trip!



We’ll stick to our favourite mode of transportation 😛