Canada, the Summer Camp Dream

In the Muskoka region, Algonquin Provincial Park is a summer home to kids experiencing the ultimate Canadian adventure. Campers aged 6 to 16 join on the sunny shores of Canoe Lake at Camp Wapomeo for girls and Camp Ahmek for boys. Ahmek and Wapomeo are separated by a mile of water but, their shared history, traditions and core values create a brother-sister community unlike any other.

Camp Ahmek and Camp Wapomeo are passionate about nurturing an atmosphere for friendships to grow. Camper focus is directed at learning new skills, building self-confidence, setting goals and enjoying all the magic that comes with being a kid! The Taylor Statten Camps incorporate daily programming and a canoe trip into each session, giving campers the chance to enjoy a unique summer experience.


The abundance of activities that are offered at TSC is one of the many reasons Ahmek and Wapomeo campers return each summer. With sessions full of horseback riding, archery, high ropes, tennis, woodworking, camp craft, kayaking, swimming, canoeing and more – there’s never a dull moment!


Along with in camp activities, each camper embarks on a canoe trip with their cabin mates during their session at camp. The Taylor Statten Camps are cradled in the beauty of one of Canada’s great wonders, Algonquin Park. Thousands of lakes, ponds and river systems create a myriad of canoe tripping options in the backcountry of maple hills, rocky ridges spruce bogs and sandy beaches. This pristine environment adds to the pure and holistic lifestyle that canoe trip offers. Canoe trip frees the mind from the hectic schedules found in urban daily routines. Campers develop a lasting appreciation for the reward of cooperation, as they work together to get from lake to lake, making it through each portage as a group, working together setting up the campsite, collecting firewood and leaving a virtually untouched environment after a great meal. A canoe trip length and route are designed specifically for the age of the cabin group and their ability. As campers return each summer their canoe tripping experience and passion for adventure grows, leading them through the TSC canoe tripping program. Check out 50 days stronger to see what growing up at Taylor Statten Camps has offered Camp Wapomeo campers.


The Taylor Statten Camps staff continue to make each year on Canoe Lake special as they focus on providing each camper with the summer of a lifetime. As many TSC staff were once campers themselves, their passion for canoe trip, in camp activities and the back-to-basics lifestyle is contagious and has become a priceless part of every summer.


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