Life After Camp: Algonquin Inspiration

Algonquin Park Inspiration

Algonquin Provincial Park inspires the creative side in all of us.

The natural landscape, the blissfulness of the path less travelled and sounds of pure enjoyment that resonate across the waters help us find the happiness that can be remembered through imagination, expression and creativity. Memories from summers spent with Camp Wapomeo and Camp Ahmek continue to be shared by TSC alumni through stories, photographs, paintings, drawings, poetry, music and other works of art.


The Algonquin wilderness is an ultimate place whose solace knows no bounds and appreciating nature’s captivating pulse will enchant you with a devotion, fascination, inspiration and rejuvenation beyond recognition. Sitting around a crackling fire, I wonder what lies ahead, in the stillness after sunset. Knowing that new adventures await at tomorrow’s dawn.
– Cynthia Percival in Rediscovering Quiet Canoeing


Inspiration on Canoe Trip

Cynthia Percival was a camper at Camp Wapomeo from 1969 – 1973 and a staff member from 1976- 1980. Her canoe tripping experience from camp holds some of her favourite moments spent with TSC. Cynthia enjoyed canoe trips in the Temagami region, the Quetico region and led the first Wapomeo Bisco trip.

The Percival family holds their memories close from years of summers spent with the Taylor Statten Camps and at their cabin on Canoe Lake. Cynthia and her mother have shared their love for Canoe Lake and the beauty of Algonquin Park by allowing their inner artist to shine through in their illustrations and stories.

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