Don’t Forget To Pack Me

Camp is just around the corner which means… it’s packing season! 

Packing for camp isn’t always easy and sometimes essential items get left behind. Read below to hear from some of the essential camp items that don’t want to be forgotten this summer.


My name is Sunscreen and look my best in SPF 30+. I work on sunny days and cloudy days. Don’t underestimate that sun, it’s strong! You’ll need my help to make sure that sunny days are fun days all summer long.



Nalgene – Reusable Water Bottle

My name is Nalg, short for Nalgene, from the family of reusable water bottles. I hold the most important liquid in the world, not to brag or anything. If you need water, you need me.



Bug Spray

My name is Bug Spray and I am your skin’s security guard. Excuse me mosquito, not today.




Postage Stamps

My name is Stamp and I travel a lot. If you want to send your family member or friend a letter or postcard you’ll need me.





My name is headlamp, I help people see in the dark. I love summer camp because evening activities are awesome. Campers and staff need me to get around after the sun goes down. Don’t forget my friend though…




What’s up, it’s Battery here to remind you not forget me while packing for camp this summer. Headlamp needs me for energy on those summer nights. You know what they say, camp friends are forever friends.


Extra Socks

Hey, we’re socks, your feet love us. We are really bad with directions so we tend to get lost. We like to travel in pairs but sometimes it’s hard to stay together with our busy lives. Bring us, our friends, our friends’ friends, and maybe even our friends’ friends’ friends. There’s no such thing as too many socks.


Thinking of what else you may be forgetting? Check out our session specific packing lists by clicking here!