Sending Mail To Your Camper

Sending Mail to Overnight Summer Camp

Read below for info about contacting your camper while they are at camp!

With just 19 days till the first sessions at camp begin, we are starting to think about day to day camp life and things that parents, campers and staff should note!


You've Got Mail!Letters, care packages, and emails are a part of camp life at Ahmek and Wapomeo. The mailbox is checked Monday – Friday in the afternoon and is then brought to the receptionist to be sorted. The receptionist sorts the mail according to the section or special trip! Each section has a mailbox at Ahmek and Wapomeo that is checked every evening by counsellors. Letters or emails are given to campers by their counsellors at the end of each day. For packages at camp, it’s a little different! Following dinner, an announcement is made by the Program Director. The Program Director is given a list of the names of campers or staff who have had packages arrive by noon that day. If a camper’s name is called, they are to report to the reception area with their counsellor to open their package. Counsellors are there to accompany the camper in opening up their package to ensure that everything they received is camp safe!

Below you can find the details about sending your camper an email, a letter, or a care package.

Camper One-Way E-mail System: Though we have the back-to-basics mentality, we do know that sometimes it’s just easier to send an email. As such, we have the one-way email system. Click here to find out more about how to send your camper a one-way-email. Please keep in mind that this is a one-way email system and your camper will not be able to send you an email back!

Letters & Packages: Emails are fun, but who doesn’t love receiving something in the mail?! To send your camper a letter or a package, please refer to the address below! Don’t forget to note which camp your camper is attending!

Camper Name
Camp Ahmek/Camp Wapomeo
P.O Box 10007 Algonquin Park, Ontario
P1H 2H2

If you prefer to send a care package by couriers such as Purolator, UPS or Fed Ex, the address you need you will need to use is below (This is for companies that DO NOT ship to P.O Boxes). Please note that courier packages onle arrive twice a week. Please refer to the Camp Guide on page 16 for more details.

Camper Name
Camp Ahmek/Camp Wapomeo
Taylor Statten Camps Business Office
Canoe Lake, Algonquin Park
P1H 2H2

For more details about care packages please refer to the details on page 10 of the Camp Guide!

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