Canoe Lake Update

The sun is shining and Canoe Lake is buzzing with TSC spirit as Head Table, Yellow Table, Long Trip Staff and Canoe Trip Guides are in pre-pre camp mode. 

As we move into the summer activities and weeks ahead, we will begin our Canoe Lake Updates. Canoe Lake Updates are a Newsletter styled blog post to update you on what has happened at TSC in the weeks past or ahead. If there is more you would like to know in a Canoe Lake Update, don’t hesitate to tell us by sending us a message over Facebook!

Leadership Training - Canoe Lake UpdateOur week has started off with fun staff activities as new staff meet returning staff and everyone settles into their new roles at TSC. Sunday morning kicked off the beginning of pre-pre with Leadership training for Ahmek and Wapomeo Section Directors. In the afternoon new staff arrived and were greeted by Head Table and Yellow Table, shown to their cabins and given a tour of their new summer home. Returning staff reconnected with their summer camp friends while discussing the exciting moments of the summer ahead. Sunday evening both Ahmek and Wapomeo echoed a little louder with TSC spirit and excitement for the summer ahead.

Camp Wapomeo Long Trip StaffMonday kicked off our first full day of pre-pre! We had Long Trip staff in the Map room, Program Staff reviewing their new positions and Final Reports from past years, and Section Directors getting a feel for their section. We welcomed a special guest to Camp Wapomeo, Lindsay Shane, an incredible inspiration to our Wapomeo Staff. Lindsay has completed a 60-day solo canoe trip last year, giving her the chance to provide some insight about routes, planning and tripping in Northern Ontario.  Every Monday spent at Camp is a good Monday, and the first Monday of the summer was definitely one for the books.

Tuesday is here and our TSC Workshops have begun. We’ve welcomed Brave this afternoon for a Workshop for our Section Directors, Senior Staff and Long Trip Staff. Brave offers education and courses that help provide practical tools to help diffuse conflict in youth! Their connection with Schools and Camps has shown the growth in Leaders when dealing with difficult situations. We are thrilled that Brave has given us the opportunity to give our staff more tools to succeed in their roles this summer. Section Directors and Senior staff will work with Counsellors and C.I.T’s in a Workshop of their own next week to provide them with the tools and strategies they have learned and gained from the Brave Workshop!

On Wednesday, our Long Trip Staff will take on their Wilderness Advanced First Aid Training. With great adventure comes responsibility and our staff are ready for both. Program staff will get the chance to set into their program areas and see how they can work with their activity space. They’ll begin planning lessons and find ways to work in their new and unique environment! We even have two special guests joining us with their wealth of knowledge to support the program staff in the Canoeing Program and Sailing Program. See you soon Linda Leckie and Kelly Miller!

Friday Wilderness Advanced First Aid examination will bring us to the end of the week and into pre-camp! Pre-camp begins on Saturday the 22nd. We will welcome our Counsellors and CITs to Ahmek and Wapomeo. It’s beginning to feel a lot like SUMMER!

Campers, we can’t wait to see you in just 11 DAYS! 

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