Canoe Lake Update

camper and counsellor relationshipsIt’s the start of a great summer here on Canoe Lake. These past 5 days have flown by, but not without creating some incredible memories and moments for us to share.

We welcomed campers to the sunny shores on Saturday. As Wapomeo and Ahmek filled up with campers ready to settle in, dinner was a loud one filled with that first day of camp excitement. Campers reuniting with camp friends and TSC staff, creating new friendships and talking about what they are most excited for during their time at camp really made the sunny shores whole again.

Sunday, kicked-off the start of the summer with campers jumping right into activities. With Program Staff anticipating the arrival of campers for 2 weeks, they are ready with lessons and ideas for programming to use over the summer months.


50 day canoe trip with tscSunday was also a big day for our long trip campers and staff who were packing and completing their final steps in getting ready for their adventures ahead. With 4 Wapomeo 50 days, a Wapomeo Bisco and 3 Ahmek 50 days, Northern Ontario is a home away from home for some TSC campers this summer. The evening ended beautifully with the 50 Day and Bisco Banquet. Campers and staff listened to advice and tips from CITs who completed their 50-day and or Bisco trips with memories still fresh in their mind. With yummy food, good vibes and smiles all round, it was a great send-off for our TSC trippers!

Ahmek and Wapomeo Barron River, Killarney, Temagami and Senior Park also set off on their canoe trips Monday morning. The start of the day was beautiful and definitely perfect for a TSC canoe trip send off.

kipawa memories with tscTuesday continued with canoe trip excitement as Ahmek and Wapomeo Kipawa, Voyageur and Ojib canoe trips headed out on their adventures.

Wednesday we said farewell to the Wapomeo Bisco campers and staff as they take on 42 days in the great Canadian wilderness.

Memories on Canoe Lake, the dewey runThis morning started off with the Dewy Run and like Thursdays always do on Canoe Lake, it’s Intercamp day! Today will mark the first Intercamp of 2019.  Campers from Ahmek and Wapomeo will join together on the mainland to participate in fun games, events and activities that have been organized by the Wapomeo and Ahmek section directors.

Tomorrow we will say goodbye to Quetico and Ishpatina as they take on 36 days of adventure! We know they’re going to have a great time and can’t wait to see them return to camp with stories and bonds that will last a lifetime.

Saturday will mark 1 week at camp, and our first Visitor’s Day of the summer. We are anticipating a delicious lunch and some happy smiles as families join us at camp to visit their campers! We will also be seeing off our Pioneer, Tuscie, Mountaineer and Shawnee 15 days campers as they take off of Canoe Lake and into some other beautiful parts of Algonquin Park.

Here’s to more great memories and another summer on Canoe Lake! You can stay up to date with photos and videos we share on our Facebook Page and Instagram page. Want to reach out to your camper? Don’t forget about our one-way email system – click here for more information.