Canoe Lake Update – Hello, TOCO Campers!

Here on Canoe Lake, we just welcomed our first set of TOCO (Try Out Campers) campers of the season! Our second group will join us starting on Sunday. These next days will be full of fun, adventure, and moments that are sure to give our new TSC campers a glimpse into what life is like on Canoe Lake.


Why are our Try Out campers called TOCOs, you ask? Well, it started with the understandable TOC standing for Try Out Camp and over time, these little campers were lovingly referred to as TOCOs (pronounced like ‘TACOS’). It soon turned into songs and cheers with a Taco theme! TOCO campers that we will be greeting over these next two sessions will be 6 or 7 years old. These days will be filled with all of the in-camp activities, ensuring that campers get a true taste of everything that TSC summers have to offer.

So what does the day to day look like for our little TOCOs?

When campers arrive, they will be greeted by their counsellors and summer directors. They will meet their cabinmates and move into their cabins which they will call their humble abode for the days ahead. After settling in and getting comfortable, applying sunscreen and making sure they are ready to tackle a sunny day, they will be off to activities. Dinner will bring them into the evening at 6 pm. After dinner, campers will get to participate in their first evening activity of the session. Then it’s off to bed for a great sleep to prepare for a full day of activities.

The next morning will kick-off bright and early with a bell that will wake up campers and staff and set the day in motion. After a yummy breakfast sure to give campers the energy to take on the morning, it’s back to the cabins to get ready for the first activities of the day. After a morning filled with fun, the bell reminds us that it’s time to get that energy back up for the afternoon, and it’s off to lunch. Lunch begins at 12:30pm and ends around 1:30pm. After a quick rest for our bodies to turn that food into energy, it’s off to activities again at 2:30. Rest-hour includes things like chess, spike-ball, reading a book, or just enjoying some laughs with your camp pals!

As we move into the afternoon, campers jump into activities different than the ones they participated in earlier in the day. Everyday TOCO campers get to take part in different activities from the abundance that are offered by Ahmek and Wapomeo. Though their stay is short, they will get to try out horseback riding, archery, basketball, tennis, swimming, canoeing, sailing, arts and crafts, woodworking, drama, dance, yoga, field sports, kayaking, paddle boarding, music, ball hockey and evening programming!

Being a TOCO camper is busy, exciting and the perfect way to be introduced to summer camp! We can’t wait for the fun that these campers will have and hope to see them return for their next summer with TSC.

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For more details about session dates for Try Out Camp in August, click here.