Canoe Lake Update

Camp life is in full swing here on Canoe Lake and TSC spirit is on loud.

The beginning of this week started off with campers getting fully into Ahmek and Wapomeo activities, embarking on canoe trips and creating some great memories with camp friends.

Wednesday was our first Sailing race of the season, known as the Roper Dayment. Campers from Ahmek and Wapomeo took part in this exciting event. Teams were comprised of 3-5 campers in each boat. With a perfect day to set sail, the race was one for the books!

Thursday was Intercamp, a day filled with a relaxed structure of activities and excitement. Campers from Ahmek and Wapomeo join each other at Camp Ahmek and are grouped into teams. Teams jump from activity to activity throughout the afternoon. The sunny shores were buzzing with laughter and happiness as campers met new friends in their groups and enjoyed games with one another.

Today campers moved back into programmed activities before we welcome some guests to Canoe Lake tomorrow for visitors day! Saturday we will have visitors join Ahmek and Wapomeo for a yummy lunch and the chance to experience the summer camp lifestyle alongside TSC campers.

Saturday our Ahmek and Wapomeo senior campers will enjoy the annual Wap Revue! This year, the Wapomeo Senior Island campers will be putting on the performance of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! Then, we are excited to announce the inaugural Ahmek Iliad! Monday will bring a performance of the Lion King put on by our Voyageur Ahmek campers.

The excitement continues into Sunday which will bring us into another shared meal in the dining hall with the Brother & Sister Lunch! The evening will also bring campers from Wapomeo and Ahmek together at Camp Ahmek for the end of July Council Ring. Council Ring is an evening spent with friends and TSC family beside enjoying fun games and good company.

Tuesday we will be welcoming back Kipawa as they return from their 22 days exploring the path less travelled. We can’t wait to see them and hear about their adventures!

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