July Sessions at Ahmek and Wapomeo – Taylor Statten Camps

What a month it has been here on Canoe Lake!

July feels like it just flew by, but not without a ton of incredible experiences, adventures, activities and friendships for all to be a part of.

This past week has been jam-packed with fun! We left our last update on the upcoming things that would take place in the days to follow and we’re back to let you know how it all went.

Saturday we welcomed guests to Ahmek and Wapomeo for lunch to visit campers from the July sessions. With a yummy meal, lots of laughs, stories and tours around camp, it was a perfect way to step into the weekend and the last week of camp.

Sunday we also had shared lunches as Ahmek and Wapomeo siblings joined each other for the meal. Though the island and the mainland are only a kilometre away, and siblings get to see each other frequently, a brother-sister lunch is a great opportunity for siblings to really get to spend some quality time together and share stories about their camp experiences.

Sunday evening moved us into Council Ring for the month of July. Wapomeo and Ahmek campers and staff came together for a night of laughter and games around the fire while getting the opportunity to learn about the history of Algonquin, camp and outdoor enthusiasts. This evening also gave campers and staff the chance to show off their water boiling and fire by friction skills. Way to go to everyone, you all continue to impress us every day!

Monday opened the door to a new tradition at Camp Ahmek with an end of July play, called the Ahmek Iliad! The Voyageur campers put on their own version of The Lion King, which was named ‘The Banter King’. The show was one for all to enjoy with incredible performances that gave the dining hall some real theatre vibes. Well done to all that participated, you put on an excellent show and have created a tradition for years to come!

Tuesday was a big day for Kipawa campers as they returned to Canoe Lake after 22 days in the wilderness with smiles on their faces, kilometres behind them and memories for a lifetime.  The evening brought us into Final Banquets. Camp Wapomeo had an enchanted forest theme and Camp Ahmek had a Nickelback theme! The dining hall held freighter canoes filled with food and campers ate buffet style as they enjoyed a loud and fun evening celebrating one of the last nights of camp.

Wednesday evening brought us to our final full day of camp. The evening held Ahmek A and Wapomeo Candle Lighting, perfect ways to celebrate the last night of camp and reminisce on favourite moments, strong friendships and lasting memories that were created throughout the month.

Though we are sad to say goodbye today to our July campers, we are equally eagerly awaiting the arrival of our August campers  Thank you to everyone who joined us for the July sessions. We wish you all an amazing end to the summer and hope to see you back on the sunny shores in Summer of 2020!

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You can also see cabin photos from the July sessions by clicking here!