August Sessions are Here – Canoe Lake Update

The August 15 Day and August full month sessions began on Saturday afternoon as campers joined us on Canoe Lake!

Sunday kicked off our first full day of August camp and it was full of all those camp vibes that have us excited for summers at TSC. The first day was full of in camp activities and campers getting the chance to get right into camp life. We also had cabins packing for canoe trip as they were heading out the next day for their adventures.


Monday we said farewell to Barron River, Killarney, Kipawa, Senior Park, and Voyageur Temagami cabins as they set off on their canoe trip adventures. Though we are sad to see them go we know they will return with incredible memories, bonds and stories to last a lifetime. We can’t wait to have them back and hear all about their journeys.

Today we said goodbye to our Ojib and Voyageur Park cabins that are heading out for 9 days in Algonquin Park! As they paddled out with big smiles and full packs, we are excited for them to explore the path less travelled in our own backyard. We are looking forward to having them back and hearing all about their canoe trip experiences.

Today is an exciting day on Canoe Lake as we will have the BIG EVENT reveal. The theme of Big Event has been a secret and we are so excited to hear what the Ahmek and Wapomeo senior staff have come up with. Big Event will be on Thursday, August 1st, a great way to kick-off the first Intercamp of August. Stay tuned with us on Facebook and Instagram to hear about the Big Event reveal!

We will be welcoming some guests to camp as well on August 3rd as we have our first Visitor’s Day of the August sessions. Yummy eats, laughter and sharing some camp life with our guests is what the afternoon will be all about!

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